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If you have prepared yourself for the arrival of a new degu, then do consider some important things before buying.

It’s really important to buy a healthy degu if you want to lead a peaceful life with your pet.

There are a lot of factors that you have to consider while buying a degu. These include their age, number, gender, health, and many more.

You have to think twice before buying a pet from local and non-authentic owners. This will put you in serious trouble.

If you buy a degu from non-authentic sources, this can lead to several issues. They might not have cared for the pet in the past.

As a result, the pet you want to own will be lethargic and sick. You don’t know if they provide the proper diet or not.

As you know, an improper diet can lead to several health issues. If you buy a sick degu, this will cause you to make frequent visits to the vet.

Moreover, they will not be expert owners. They will guide you all wrong about their diet and environment.

When I owned a degu, I first visited a non-authentic owner. I asked him about their food. And he told me that fruits should be given daily.

Thanks to me, I already knew their diet plan. So, I quickly rejects to adopt a degu from them.

Here I am telling you some options that you can consider while buying a degu.

Where to buy a degu?

Degus are available almost in every place in the world. But they are not as popular as other pocket pets.

 This means that you might have a difficult time finding out the degus. You may have a hard time finding a seller. Moreover, you might wait a long time before getting a degu.

If you are looking for a degu, you can find them in places like

  • Pet stores
  • Private breeders
  • Rescues

Beware of the breeders, some breeders put profit over the health of the degu. If you want to buy a degu online, it’s best to check reviews online and more information.

Last but not the least, remember to check the signs that a degu is healthy and is not suffering from any kind of illness.

Pet stores

Pet stores or pet shops sell a lot of different animals. You are lucky if you find degus in a pet store. They can also order them for you.

When you go to a pet store, you can see the living conditions of degus. You can see if the degus live in a terrible environment or a neat environment.

One of the drawbacks of pet stores is that you cannot find the parents of your pet. Moreover, you can’t meet the breeder directly.

You might also encounter pet stores that lack the necessary information. They will provide you with false information. You can check this by asking them questions.

Private breeders

In my opinion, private breeders are the best option through which you can buy degus. You can find these breeders by searching for classified ads in local newspapers.

Check out the ‘for sale’ ads on sell and buy sites. You also have to check out forums specialized in degus. You also have to search in Facebook groups to find out about degu breeders in your area.

A private breeder is a perfect choice for you if you don’t know much about breeders. You simply have to visit the breeder.

He will tell you everything you want to know.


Rescues or shelters have abandoned little degus. These little owners look for loving and caring owners. They give birth to large litters of baby degus.

Sometimes, people cause impulse purchases of degus. They do this to give degus as birthday presents. Or they buy them in a hurry for their children.

In these cases, people are not prepared to take care of them for a long time.

If you want to get degus I would recommend you to check nearby rescues.

If you adopt a degu from rescue, you might have to fill a form with different kinds of questions.

These questions will determine if you can take care of them or not.

The last thing a rescue wants is to adopt a degu and then take them back after a while. This can cause a lot of stress in them.

Bring your pet safely home

If you have prepared to own a degu, you should already set up the cage with proper accessories and bedding.

You also have to add some accessories to the cage. You also have to buy food for them for the first month. But for this, you also have to bring them home safely.

To transport your degus to a new home, you’ll need a container. You can also create your travel carrier. But usually, it is easily available in stores.

A travel carrier also should be handy, you can use this when you have to take degus to the vet. Moreover, you can use them while cleaning the cage.

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Important factors to consider before buying

Health indicators

Your number one priority should be to get a healthy pet. If you don’t get a healthy degu, you will end up spending a lot of money on your health.

Moreover, you will lose your degu soon if you buy a sick one. Make sure to check the following indicators:

  • Bright and open eyes
  • The feet should have no sores or wounds
  • Shiny and soft fur
  • Properly aligned and complete teeth
  • Degu’s behavior

One or more degus?

Degus are social animals. They love to live in groups. When you decide to own a degu, consider buying a pair.

It’s better to buy a group. If your pet remains in solidarity for a long time. They will become stressful.

Beware of the fights, small groups will have degus that will cause dominance and hierarchy in groups.

Baby or adult degus?

Most people prefer to own a baby degu. This is because they are easy to handle and take care of. You can make a bond with them easily.

There is nothing wrong with owning a baby degu. But make sure that they don’t need their mother anymore.

The ideal age at which you should adopt a degu is when they weaned. This process happens between 4 to 6 months of age.

Baby degus are easy to handle and tame. Moreover, baby degus have a longer life ahead.

Male or female?

If you don’t want to breed your pet, then get a pair of degus that have the same gender. It doesn’t matter if you get a pair of male or female degus.

There is no important difference between these two pets. Both these sexes have affectionate behavior towards their owners.

Male degus sometimes fight each other to develop dominance. However, it doesn’t happen daily.

People also Ask

How much does a degu cost?

The cost of the degu isn’t an alone investment that you need to make. There are a lot of other expenses that are required. Luckily the price of the degu isn’t very high.

What source should be your top priority while adopting a degu?

In my opinion, private degus are the perfect choice for you. You can find them in classified ads. Moreover, you can find them in Facebook groups.

After knowing their location, visit them and ask anything about degu. They will explain you in detail.

Where can I buy a degu online?

You can find them at different pet stores. However, it is difficult to find them at pet stores because they are not popular as pets.

But if you want, you can visit a pet store and see the living conditions of your pet.

One drawback is that you can’t find your degu’s parents. Moreover, you will be unable to meet their breeders.


Degus are not popular as pets. These pocket pets have somehow gained popularity but still, it’s difficult to find them everywhere.

Moreover, it is illegal in some states. So do check on legality before owning them.

I would suggest you beware of unauthentic breeders. They prefer money over health. They don’t care well for their pets. They can sell you a sick pet.

There are several sources from where you can buy degus. The best option according to my suggestion is private breeders.

You can visit them when you want. Moreover, you can ask for all the details related to your pets.

Local pet stores or online pet stores are also good options. You can find their location and visit them.

You should visit pet stores suddenly and see if they live in terrible conditions or not.

Last but not least is from the rescue.

You can also buy abandoned pets from a rescue. There are some formalities that you have to be filled to adopt a degu.

If you are looking for the answer, that whether you should own a single degu or a group.

Then let me tell you that degus love to live in groups. A single degu will become stressful and bored.

If you don’t want to increase their population, you can buy a pair of the same sex. There is no difference if you buy a male or female.

Baby degus should be your first choice. This is because they can tame easily. You can train them from an early age.

Moreover, they will live a longer life.

Check the signs of their health before owning a degu. Check if the symptoms of any kind of illness are present or not.


I am a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and have a keen interest in animal health care. Working as a veterinary content writer, I intend to stay with professional approach in producing quality content. I like research-based reading and currently seeking my veterinary profession. My hobbies are travelling to exotic places and observing nature to the fullest.

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