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If you want to buy a little chin, you can buy it easily from a local pet shop, like PetSmart in most areas. You can also adopt a little chin from a breeder. In addition to this, you can also consult the websites of these pets and can reach out to the little chin owners.

I would recommend you should take a look at both stores, the retail and online stores that sell little chins.

In the United States and Western Europe, there are many little chin breeders and pet stores from where you can buy chinchillas.

Unfortunately, if you have no chinchilla breeders and no pet shops in your area then you have got the only option to adopt a little chin from other countries.

Where Can I Buy A Chinchilla?

1. Veterinarian recommendations

It is the first and foremost point, always discuss with a vet before buying a Chinchilla. He will guide you about their breeds and the specific characteristics of every breed. Furthermore, he will advise you which breed you should prefer and why.

Once you have decided on the breed, he will further explain the characteristics of that breed and will tell you which things you should avoid while handling them.

In addition to this, he will advise you to check whether the pet is vaccinated or not. Moreover, you have to check deworming and vaccination certificates of the pet before buying.

2. Breeders Of Chinchilla.

The Best way to buy these pets is to buy from breeders. Because you can find out the breeder in your area within driving distance. In this case, You don’t have to cover a long distance.

Furthermore, your pet can be stressed out during traveling. The better choice is to buy a little chin from PetSmart or Petco in your area and they can provide you with your pet at any time.

Breeders know much about these pets. They know how to introduce these pets and how to take care of them. Because these pets can fight with strangers. After buying, the breeders will also guide how to take care of these pets properly.

Breeders take good care of pets. In this way, you can get a healthy and happy little chin. We should support local breeders.

3. Local Pet Stores.

Buying from local PetSmart is another option you can use. These pets are rare and exotic. Almost 80,000 or more houses own a little chin. And many peoples don’t know about these pets.

I don’t think that there is an issue in buying Chinchilla from the pet stores, if you can bear all the accessories and can buy a new cage for your pet then go for it.

Pet stores should be considered as the last option when buying Chinchilla. Another issue you can face is, that pet stores normally sell plastic cages for your little chin. And plastic is strictly prohibited for these pet cages.

 The pet stores also sell Chinchillas to families and kids. And they are not fully suitable for kids at all.

That’s the reason why experienced owners will tell you that pet stores are not a suitable option while buying Chinchilla.

4. Rescue Chinchillas.

The Chinchilla rescue team can also offer you to adopt a chinchilla. If you do have not a local breeder in your area, so I would suggest you go through this route.

The pet trade is not the perfect one. Almost 1.5 million pets are killed every year in the USA. Because there is no space, no time, and no money for them.

Getting Chinchilla from rescue teams is a more convenient option in my opinion.

5. From Facebook

Many online pet stores and Facebook pages buy and sell pets easily.  Facebook Marketplace is the most popular market in the whole world. Local sites are also available on Facebook (e.g just for the USA). These pets are available at different prices. Some are expensive and some are cheap.

I would not recommend you to buy a chinchilla from Facebook pages or sites. Maybe it has some sort of behavioral or health issue. Then, you will repent a lot.

6. Backyard breeders.

These breeders don’t have any info about Chinchillas. Instead, they start their business for profit. They sell kits only for their profit because they don’t have enough space and time to care.

I would recommend you not to buy a little chin from the backyard breeders. Because they did not know how to breed these pets and how to care. Their only interest is their profit.

7. The Classified Ads.

This option is the most difficult one. Because you don’t have to always get an ad when you need it the most. So I would suggest you stick to more convenient options.

8. Retail And Online Stores.

Buying a little chin from the breeder and rescue team is a good option. Sometimes this option is not possible, Because it only depends on where you live.

I would strictly recommend you to buy these pets either from a breeder or rescue team. Online pet stores do not care properly. And they also give the worst bits of advice.

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Every little chin deserves to live in the right place and healthy and strong life.

But still, if you don’t have any other option available then I am going to provide you with some info about retail and online stores which are better than other stores.

9. Retail Stores.


The cost of a little chin in PetSmart is around about $150. But you should investigate every minor detail before buying.

Pet Supermarket.

In pet Supermarket, Chinchillas are sometimes available and sometimes not. You must call them before visiting. But these are well-reputed nationwide.


The cost of a little chin in this market is almost $150 to $300. Chinchillas are available every time at this pet store.

10. Online Stores.

Exotic Pet Reserve.

The cost at this online store is from $250 to $500. All the pets at this store come with certificates. And they also ship to other cities with a 100% live arrival guarantee. Moreover, the pets are microchipped.

The Exotic Pets Home.

This store sells little chin for a roundabout $100. This store also has private breeders as its suppliers. They also sell reptiles and other exotic pets.

Golden Exotic Pets.

This is also an online store, and they can deliver your pet via air if you don’t live near them. They breed to produce rare hybrids and a deposit is required in advance.

Things to consider before buying

The points to ponder before buying a Chinchilla are where should you buy a little chin and what tips you should keep in mind while buying.

Before buying from any source like Chinchilla breeders, pet stores, or rescue teams, You should make sure that all their essentials are ready.

You have to buy a cage for Chinchilla. In addition to this, you have to make a setup inside the cage and provide them with bedding, chew toys, water bottles, etc.

Furthermore, Your little chin requires hay and its rack, running wheel, and a fleece liner pillow. The list is not exhaustive. There will be a huge list of pet accessories that you have to provide them.


Why should I avoid buying chinchillas from pet stores?

Pet stores are the last option when buying Chinchilla. Because they don’t take proper care of their pets, and they also gave the wrong advice.

For example, when you ask what food you should give to this pet and the clerk would recommend you to give them fruits and vegetables. And these are completely unsuitable for Chinchillas.

Is it Possible to Buy chinchilla Online?

Yes, it is possible to buy these pets online. It is because many breeders have made sites on the internet to sell these pets. You can contact them with the help of these sites and can buy according to your desire.

What Is The Best Option For Buy A Chinchilla?

The best option to buy a chinchilla is from the breeders and the rescue teams.  Because breeders know too much about these pets. And they take proper care of your pets.

Moreover, they deal with pets according to their characteristics.


If you want to buy a chinchilla, you can easily purchase them from breeders, rescue, and online and retail stores.

It is not an easy task to find a pet according to your desire. You have to keep the focus on certain things like their color, nature, health, price, and behavior.

Before buying, make a visit to the vet clinic and get complete guidance about the pet. He will tell you which breed you should buy and why.

Moreover, he will explain all the characteristics of that breed and will tell you things that you should avoid.

You must have to check deworming and vaccination certificates before buying a Chinchilla.

Purchasing Chinchilla from a breeder is the best option but with vet recommendations. A breeder even knows more than an experienced owner.

He can provide you with all guidance regarding this exotic pet if you are a new pet owner.

If you don’t find any breeder in your area, still you shouldn’t worry. Buying Chinchilla from rescue teams is also a good option.

Of course, they care about pets, that’s why they have rescued them.

The other option you might like is through online and retail pet stores. I have mentioned a few. You can also buy a pet through classified ads and Facebook.

But I would not recommend you to buy through ads or Facebook, because you may get sick.

The colors of your pet can also vary. But you can find some authentic sites that are run by breeders.

Backyard breeders are not a good choice. There are only profit earners. They don’t care for pets’ health, their only aim is to earn profit.

So according to my experience, breeders should be your first choice when purchasing Chinchilla.


I am a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and have a keen interest in animal health care. Working as a veterinary content writer, I intend to stay with professional approach in producing quality content. I like research-based reading and currently seeking my veterinary profession. My hobbies are travelling to exotic places and observing nature to the fullest.

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