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March 9, 2023 by Umair Shahid

If you are thinking of buying a Sheltie Guinea Pig then you should go for it. Sheltie Guinea is one of the most beautiful animals you will ever see. Not only this, it is human-friendly as well.

The factor that makes it different from other animals is its physical appearance. The long, shiny, and soft hair makes it adorable. It’s a versatile animal; available in different colors such as brown, black, white, red, and gray.

Experts believe that this breed originates from Scottish Shetland Islands.  However, another school of thought believes that this breed comes from the United Kingdom and it’s a result of cross-breeding between a self-black guinea pig and a Peruvian Guinea Pig.

No, that’s not enough! You should know some amazing facts about this breed. Are you with me? Let’s explore together.

Sheltie Guinea Pig

Sheltie Guinea Pig

What do They Look Like?

You can’t resist loving it once you see it. Its physical appearance will compel you to keep looking at it or buy it.

It has fur all over its body. They are quite long and being said they come in different colors.

Generally, they are smaller in size such as 8-10 inches. Their height is between 9-11 inches. However, their weight varies between 1.5-2.6 lbs.

Characteristics; Life span, Personality, and Behavior  

Sheltie guinea has a life span of 5 to 8 years. However, it has been observed that some sheltie guinea lived up to 12-14 years. It depends on the care, treatment, and love you give to your animal.

As far as its personality is concerned, it is a friendly animal. It embraces companionship. Just like its physical appearance, it is a very gentle and kind animal.

Furthermore, it easily gets along with other animals as well as people. It has a flexible and adaptable nature. Plus they don’t attack you if you become friends with them.

How to Take Care of it?

Taking care of Sheltie Guinea and having knowledge about its food intake, shelter, grooming, and bedding is equally important. Make sure you properly know all the requirements before you buy it.

  1. Food Intake

Veterinarians recommend that 80% of their diet should comprise hay. However, the other 20% can be treated such as nuggets or fruits (full of sugar).

Hay is highly recommended for the rapid of Sheltie Guinea. It keeps its immune system strong.  Not only this, but it also keeps its teeth healthy.

It is recommended because it contains fiber, which is beneficial as compared to sugar or starch. Also, it’s easy to chew and digest.

Moreover, you can give sheltie guinea fruits such as strawberries, kiwis, and citrus. They contain an essential element i.e Vitamin C. Vitamin C keeps the coat of sheltie guinea fresh and shiny.

This is what is recommended. You should be aware of don’ts as well. let’s talk about that.

Nevertheless, don’t give your pet grapes, bananas, and oranges. The reason is that they all contain a high amount of sugar. Consuming too much sugar often results in teeth and mouth problems.

But, yes you can give them vegetables including carrots. It should not be in heavy amounts. It should only be given as a treat. It would be better if you feed them treat only three times a week.

  • Shelter; cage size

Shelter and protection is the foremost duty of the owner. Let me tell you that you need to take proper precautions for protection if you need to keep them.

First of all, it needs a spacious area to live in. It is a highly active animal. It can’t be chequered in one place.

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I would suggest you keep it in a cage. But the cage should be 10.5 square feet. It should be well in height.

In addition, the material of the cage should be made of metal. It shouldn’t be wood or plastic. Being said Sheltie Guinea are clitters, they easily chew or damage any other material than metal.

Moreover, the tip is that the bars of the cage should be close to each other. It means there should be no or less space so they can’t escape.

Alongside this, you need to take care of its hygiene as well. Clean the cage twice a day or at least daily to protect your animal from bacteria and viruses.

  • Grooming

Every animal enthusiast is concerned about the grooming of their pet but let me tell you this animal needs extra grooming. It is one of the hairiest animals you ever come across.

The hair of sheltie guinea grows rapidly. If they remain uncut or unattended they look untidy and messy.  

Above all, the animal becomes vulnerable to different pesticides and bacteria. It results in infections and severe health diseases.

 What you need to do is to keep a soft brush with you for combing. Plus trim their hair using scissors. A slight trimming once a week gives them a fresh and attractive look.

As an expert in a niche, I would suggest you keep a grooming kit with you. It should contain all the necessary items that are needed such as a comb, scissors, oil, towel, etc.

  • Prefer Companionship

It won’t be wrong to say that sheltie guinea are extroverts. If you keep them alone, they start feeling lonely and sad. They love growing in a herd and with other animals.

It is always suggested to buy them in a pair. You may see them playing or even cuddling each other. So they are one of them who prefer companions rather than staying and growing alone.

  • Bedding and Temperature

The bedding inside the cage should be soft and flexible. It is suggested to use papers or tissue paper. Don’t place hard bedding as it can hurt the animals or it may experience uneasiness.

The temperature should be countered. It is a challenge to maintain the temperature in winter. Despite their thick skin, they often get affected by the cold.  The temperature needs to be regulated to keep them protected and healthy.

Interesting Facts

  • One of the most amazing facts about this breed is that they don’t like to take baths.
  • They don’t have rosettes in their coat.
  • They love to play with toys and stuff.
  • They never eat onions and garlic.
  • They have a tail but due to hairy visibility, we can’t see it.

Final Thoughts

Hence, keeping sheltie guinea would be a great experience. It would make your life more lovely and enjoyable. However, you need to be careful regarding its hygiene, shelter, and food.

If you have read all the aforementioned information thoroughly then you are all set to buy a pair of sheltie guinea. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab it! Good luck!


I am a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and have a keen interest in animal health care. Working as a veterinary content writer, I intend to stay with professional approach in producing quality content. I like research-based reading and currently seeking my veterinary profession. My hobbies are travelling to exotic places and observing nature to the fullest.

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