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March 9, 2023 by Umair Shahid

The rex guinea pigs are a very well-known breed of guinea pigs. They have this short and wavy coat. This hair coat gives it a hedgehog-like appearance.

Rex guineas are calm and gentle. These little pets loved to be handled and petted. This makes them a perfect pet for responsible children. In this article, I will give all the details you need to know before having a rex guinea pig.

What are rex guinea pigs?

The rex guinea pigs are one of the most loved breeds of guinea pigs. These guinea pigs have their origin in South America. These were first domesticated many thousands of years ago.

The people of the Andes love to keep guinea pigs and other rodents as pets. However, the history of guinea pigs goes back to the 1500s. The American Cavy Breeders Association does not recognize the Rex Guinea Pig breed, but the British Cavy Council does.

How do rex guinea pigs differ from other guinea pigs?

The rex is a Latin word that means king. These guinea pigs are the king of other guinea pig breeds. The rex guinea pigs have rex fur, which means they lack guard hair.

This is a genetic mutation that affects many mammals. Guard hairs are longer hairs that are surrounded by shorter hairs. The guard hairs protect the skin from abrasion and help to make the animal’s coat more waterproof.

The rex guinea pigs have bristly and wiry hair coats. We love the king of guinea pigs for their beautiful hair coat.

Physical appearance:

The Rex guinea pigs have short and stubble-like hair coats. This hair coat stands up like a hedgehog and helps protect them from water. The color of this hair coat can vary.

However, some Rex guineas have slightly longer wavier coats. This low-maintenance breed of guinea pigs is loveable. They don’t require daily grooming and bathing. According to our research, the average size of rex guinea pigs is 20 to 50cm.

Life span:

The rex guinea pigs live for 5 to 6 years. Many health conditions can reduce the life span of guinea pigs. The minor health problems are ingrown nails.

The ingrown nails are very painful for guinea pigs. Feeding too much carbohydrate-rich diet can lead to the death of guinea pigs because of diabetes and obesity. These foods can also cause diarrhea in guinea pigs.

We love the rex guinea pigs for their hair coat. However, low vitamin C in the body can cause a drop in hair in guinea pigs. Therefore, maintain the minerals and vitamins in your pet guinea pigs.  

How to take care of Rex’s guinea pig?

The rex guinea pigs are not very common pets. They love to play around. Generally, the rex guinea pigs are very low maintenance, and they do not need any special requirements.

Dietary requirements:

The rex guinea pigs do not have any special dietary requirements. They feed on pallets and herbivore diets the guinea pigs eat. The leafy green vegetables are a good diet for rex guinea pigs.

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 You can use small amounts of sugars and vitamins in guinea pig diets. However, avoid using any food rich in sugars and artificial flavorings. Provide clean and fresh water to your rex guinea pigs all the time.

Physical requirements:

Every animal needs a certain amount of physical activity to keep themselves busy and entertained. The rex guinea pigs are also very playful. Therefore, they need physical activity just like any other pet.

Grooming and cleanliness:

The rex guinea pigs have short and hard hair. These hairs do not shed easily. Therefore, it is enough to give brushing and cleaning to your guinea pigs on daily basis.

Little-known facts about rex guinea pigs:

The rex guinea pigs look amazing because of their short hair coat. They are easy to look after. They are low-maintenance pets. Here are some fascinating facts about rex guinea pigs you need to know.  

The rex guinea pigs have unique recessive genes. These recessive genes give hard fur to guinea pigs. This gene makes the fur short and coarse.

The guinea pigs suffer from ingrown toenails. They do not need frequent brushing, but they need toe trimming. If you do not frequently trim the toenails, they can lead to infection and pain.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Do rex guinea pigs have soft hair?

No, the rex guinea pigs do not have soft fur. Their hair coat is very rough and coarse. The guinea pigs love to be petted and loved. There is no problem in petting a rex guinea pig.  

  • How long do rex guinea pigs live?

The rex guinea pigs can live for 7 to 8 years. These little pigs live longer in captivity. They can suffer from minor problems that are easily treatable for guinea pigs.

  • Are rex and teddy guinea pigs the same?

The rex and teddy guinea pigs both have recessive genes. However, the hair coat of teddy guinea pigs is soft and bouncy. But, the hair coat of rex guinea pigs is hard and coarse.


The rex guinea pigs are very loveable pets. The guinea pigs love to stay in the laps. They have a coarse and thick hair coat. This different hair coat makes them a loveable pet.

There are no special needs of rex guinea pigs. They are very low maintenance, and you can keep them the same way you keep any other guinea pig or rodent pet.

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