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As far as Guinea Pig clothes are concerned, the bar is set quite high. The truth is, pig parents, dress their animals in stylish clothing throughout the year. Do you wish your furry friend stood out from the crowd?

We have made a list of the 11 best Guinea Pig clothes, ranging from classic party outfits to on-trend looks. Even though your pet guinea pig is small, it still loves the holidays.

It’s true that guinea pigs, bunnies, and other small animals have their costumes, and they’re truly adorable. Get some inspiration from our list of the best guinea pig costumes for different occasions this year.

Getting your pet a guinea pig costume is usually an affordable and fun way to get them to smile for the camera. No doubt, some cavies do not enjoy wearing outfits, so supervise them while they wear their new outfit.

Even though your guinea pig may look cute, don’t be disappointed if it refuses to wear its costume.

Guinea Pig Clothes

Guinea Pig Clothes

1.Frisco Avocado Guinea Pig Costume 

These adorable avocado guinea pig clothes are perfect for bringing small pets into the party atmosphere. This costume is easy to put on and keeps your small pet comfortable. In appearance, it looks exactly like a halved avocado.

It is complete with a pit and has a perfect ripened color. The neck and belly fasteners are simple hook-and-loop fasteners that make it easy to put on. This is a great idea for Halloween parties, fun photo opportunities, and getting your pet in the Halloween spirit.

2.Frisco Fire Truck Guinea Pig Clothe

It is an adorable two-piece costume for guinea pigs that includes a firefighter hat and a fire engine red body suit. Getting your little one in the spooky spirit is easy with this firetruck costume.

To complete their Halloween costume, they can wear a fireman’s hat that replicates the appearance of a fire truck. This garment can be easily worn due to the comfortable hook-and-loop closures at the neck and belly.

This is a great idea for Halloween parties, fun photo opportunities, and getting your pet in the Halloween spirit or any other occasion.

3. Bumble Bee Costume 

This adorable bumble bee costume ranks five on our list. Guinea pigs have potato-shaped body, so it appears almost too perfect for them. A bumble bee hat is attached to a soft polyester material, which has shiny wings.

It is easy to attach the bodice and hat to the pig, so you do not have to struggle to keep it on. The material is also lightweight, which is another reason why we love it.

It may be difficult for your guinea pig to move freely inside some costumes due to the thick and bulky material. This fluffy costume, however, offers comfort and ease of movement for your guinea pig.

Its only drawback is that it is more expensive than other costumes listed, and some owners report that their guinea pigs are too small to fit in it.

4. Guinea pig sweater 

There is nothing better for guinea pigs than a classic sweater. This sweater is made from acrylic fiber and is handmade. The circumference of this sweater is 24 centimeters around the belly and 16 centimeters around the neck.

The sweater has the advantage of being able to fit most guinea pigs. It is one of the best indoor costumes for guinea pigs and I am sure you will be captivated by it.

5.Prisoner Costume 

The guinea pig might dress up as a prisoner from the old days, ready to get into some mischief. The look is completed by a prisoner number. There is nothing we like more about this costume than the fact that it is comfortable, and the hat is not required to complete the entire look.

While the hat does not conform well to the head, it is still lightweight and can be secured in place with the chin strap. The average guinea pig is capable of easily walking out of their costumes, but this lightweight onesie will fit the average pig perfectly.

Adjustments can be made if necessary. Keep an eye out for the white stripes on this costume. In a cage, it can be stained easily.

6.Crochet Pattern Guinea Pig Christmas Sweater 

Your guinea pig will love sitting in this beautifully crafted Christmas sweater. This Guinea Pig Christmas Sweater Crochet Pattern is a perfect way to dress up your sweet pet and prepare him or her for a night of caroling.

With its turndown collar, red and white stripes, green wreath with red stitching accents, and crocheted neck and belly bands, the sweater features a festive look. A guinea pig lover in your life will appreciate this pattern as a great Christmas gift.

7.Hotdog Costume 

The costume is one of the most comical ones you’ll find for your guinea pig. It’s easy to put on. It does not have a hat or drawstring. The procedure involves lying on the back of your guinea pig and then hooking and looping the bottom.

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Considering this costume is bulky, your guinea pig will not want to wear it for a long period. Additionally, some pet owners report that the outfit was too long for their guinea pigs’ backs.

Nonetheless, if your guinea pig has a back length of 6.5 inches, it should be fine. If you’re not sure, you can measure it. In general, we’re sure it’ll be a hit with guinea pig owners everywhere.

8.Frisco Guinea Pig Floral Dress 

With hook-and-loop fasteners, your cute pet can wear this Easter guinea pig dress all day! A big pink bow and matching flower print add extra cute points to this turquoise and pink dress. It’s great to spread good vibes during celebrations with a comfy outfit.

Enjoy the big Easter egg hunt with your pet and take tons of photos. You can dress up any guinea pig with this one-size-fits-all costume.

9.Pineapple Hawaiian Luau Shirt 

Try dressing your guinea pig up as a hula dancer with this pineapple Hawaiian shirt. You have an easy breakaway closure rather than a hook and loop.

Additionally, the costume does not require a hat, and you do not need anything else to complete the look, although a flower would be a nice addition. The greatest disadvantage of this product is its simplicity.

 Although the ensemble is not spooky or hilarious, it remains cute nonetheless! In general, the costume provides guinea pigs with a comfortable and lightweight wearing experience, which allows them to move freely around their surroundings.

Also, it can be worn to a future luau. This costume is suitable for any occasion, regardless of whether it is a luau.

10.Serape Costume 

Choose this colorful serape and sombrero for a colorful costume. A sombrero is worn on top of a serape (a traditional Mexican cloak) similar to the witch’s hat and cape.

The serape alone is enough to catch your attention, and you will not want to wear the hat for very long. It consists of a serape with hooks and loops and a drawstring on the hat.

The overall comfort of the product is satisfactory. There is a decorative fuzzy ball attached to the serape that we do not like.

These may be chewed off easily by your guinea pig, resulting in a potential choking hazard. However, as long as proper supervision is provided, it is a safe wardrobe.

11.Santa Claus Costume 

The Santa Claus costume is a great option whether you are a Halloween or a Christmas fan. Dress up your guinea pig in this Christmas costume and decorate his cage for Halloween. This is the perfect outfit for a movie night.

Plus, the costume can be re-used for Christmas, allowing you to maximize your investment.

Despite the Velcro chin strap, the velvety polyester and fuzzy white cloak fabric are very comfortable. Despite this, you do not need to see the hat to determine what the guinea pig is wearing.

Buyer’s Guide for Guinea Pigs Clothes

  • Measure Size

Don’t forget to measure your pet before you buy a costume. It is important that the costume does not fit too tightly or too loosely.

  • Consider Thin Materials

Guinea pigs are not difficult to dress, but they are different from dogs and cats. The bodies of Guinea pigs are shaped like potatoes and they have short legs. Since they scurry across the floor, it is more challenging to wear a costume.

Therefore, it is recommended that you look for costumes made of thin materials. These are lightweight, allow for better breathing, and are not stiff. Thin materials offer greater mobility and comfort for your guinea pig.

Cotton makes the best costume material, but polyester and other synthetic fibers are also commonly used.

  • Consider purchasing more than one costume

It is a good idea to buy several costumes so that you can determine which costume your guinea pig prefers and dislikes.

Each pig is unique, and you will find that your pig has personal preferences. Obviously, they would prefer to remain in their natural Guinea Pig state. However, it is always helpful to have options.    

  • Can Guinea Pigs be dressed up?

There’s no denying that pet costumes are cute. This is especially true when the pet is dressed up as a favorite food item, such as tacos or hotdogs.

If your guinea pig does not wish to wear the costume, do not force them to do so. You don’t want to spend your night trying to force a silly costume on your pig either.

Furthermore, pet costumes are often uncomfortable or dangerous, so we must dress them with consideration. Make sure your guinea pig’s costume is safe before you purchase it.


Congrats on making it this far! In terms of overall quality, the classic Frisco Avocado Guinea Pig Costume is the best choice.

A guinea pig will not walk out of this outfit, as it is extremely comfortable and fits any size guinea pig. Always remember, your guinea pig should not be forced into wearing a costume. Let your imagination run wild and have fun!


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