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If you are looking for local degu breeders to find them in your area. Don’t worry I have come up with a list of all the degu breeders across the state.

I have compiled a wide range of breeders and I hope that you will find yours in your area. I have done my best to provide you with all the necessary information about them.

Now read this, find a breeder in your area, and thank me in the comment section.

Degu Breeders


  •  Audrey coward

Info: Audrey coward has three breeding female degus. And she is ready to breed them.

Approach via email to check if she has any baby degus at the time.

Location: Knoxville Tennessee


Facebook page:

  • Hector & Stephanie

Info: He is a breeder as well as a hobbyist. Currently, he has three agouti males. Moreover, he has six females and fourteen baby degus. Still, he is looking for more variety.

Location: Miami, Florida



  • Kirsten

Location: Twin Cities, MN



Info: He is a degu breeder. He has been breeding for over a year and a half. He is a kind of hobby breeder.

Location: Indiana/ Ohio

Northern Kentucky

  • Stacey Hayes

Info: He is a new breeder in the area. Currently, he has three breeding females. Out of three, one is pregnant. Four babies are available. (7 weeks old)

Location: Toledo and Ohio

  • Donna Mims

Info: she is ready to adopt any degu needing a home.

Location: 4229 Eastbrook road.

E still springs, TN 37330


  • Julia Denny

Info: She is interested in inputting what she is trying to accomplish. She is breeding for over a year.

 She has degus that show some white and others that have saddles of red outlined with the black outline on the brown color.

 She hopes to maintain the pattern for the next generations as well.

Location: Jefferson City, Mo


  • Zac

Info: He is raising people-friendly degus.

Location: Poughkeepsie, NY

Phone: 845-661-3678


  • Suzie Eads

Info: He prefers to sell degus of same-sex pairs.

Location: Ottawa, KS

Phone: 913-221-6773

  • Dorothy Agrippino

Info: He has two young females and one male. He is selling same-sex pairs for $40.00 pr.

No shipping is offered by him. He will meet within fifty miles radius before gas reimbursement. Pics are also available.

Location: Central New York


  • Kelley Grace

Info: He has two pups. One in mid-march and the other in early April. Both are not related to their father.

He is selling each pair for $40. Or $25 each when they arrive.

Location: Hampton roads area of Virginia


  • Joyce Wilbur

Location: S Easton MA

Phone: 774-259-1760


  • Ms. Terri L. Kisamore


He is a degu breeder of Virginia. He has two breeding pairs. But he breeds them only once a year. He doesn’t ship. But he is willing to meet for reimbursement for gas.

He sells the pair of the same sex in $40 each.

Location: Mount Crawford, VA 22841

Phone: (540) 438-1640


  • Squeaky wheel degu ranch

Info: He has a starter colony. He has one male with three non-related females. Currently, they have seven babies. Another female is also ready.

They don’t ship but can meet locally. They sold only same-sex pairs. They sell for $25 a pair.

Email: Scott& Amy Lyons

  • Monica Kaye

Info: He has two females and a male. Currently, he has thirteen babies. He is looking to sell them.

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He is selling them at $15 each, with a care sheet, bedding, and starter food. All babies are handled.

Location: Algoma, WI(USA). (40 minutes north of green bay)


  • Jaydas Critter House

Info: He doesn’t breed degus. But he still does rescue work. So, if you want to adopt rescue degus. Then, contact him.

Location: Almont MI



  • Gwynn De La Balgey

Location: Dallas, Ga


  • Amanda Franks

Info: currently, she has one male and two females. She is looking to start breeding degus. After breeding, she wants to sell them.

She is willing to drive for 2 hours or meet halfway somewhere.

She takes the best care of all animals. They show a lot of attention to their animals. This ensures that the new owner will be pleased to see the cute degus.

Sells them in same-sex pairs.

Location: South Bend Indiana

AIM screen name: PassionforTigers


  • Mandi Stellmacher

Info: He has one breeding male and one female. He keeps the population limited so that the babies have great socialization and handling.

Currently, he has a new litter. He might put you on wait if the litter is gone. He answers any queries through email or AIM.

He will not ship. But he is willing to drive for you.

AIM screen name: OLPkittycat


  • Hedgehogs in Space

Info: They breed degus too, along with hedgehogs. They held the babies as early as possible. Degus come with a great health guarantee.

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico



  • Elizabeth Shepherd

Info: doesn’t ship. But they will answer your queries via email.

Location: Overland Park, Kansas


  • Terra Rose Rodentry

Location: St. Charles, IL

AIM: kittiegrrl777


  • Cara-lee

Info: He doesn’t ship.

Location: Upper or eastern New York



  • Kristin Bailey

Info: He doesn’t ship. He sells each degu for $15.

Location: Jefferson City Missouri

  • Mary

Info: He has been a breeder for eight years in AZ. He has 8-week-old degus. He also has a few babies. If out, then he might put you on a waiting list.

Location: Phoenix AZ

  • Scandalous

Info: He has two breeding pairs and three more pairs will be due soon.

Location: Winnie, TX


  • Annie Smith

Location: Maryland



  • Black diamond exotics

Location: Outside Cincinnati OH


Neff’s Animal Specialties

Location: 2307 Stephens Ave.

Missoula, MT 59801

(406) 549-2379

  • Sherry Morrison

Location: Maryland

  • Mary Jasmin

Info: He has been breeding degus for seven years. He doesn’t ship. But he answers questions about degus.

Phone: 623-435-1395

Location: Glendale, AZ

  • Lauren Pitts

Info: He has a new litter of six babies. They have arrived recently. He is willing to meet people from SC, NC, and GA halfway.

Location: 251 Wilson Ferry Rd Moore, SC 29369

Phone: 864-574-55100


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