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Chinchillas like to play with

You have recently adopted a little chinchilla pet. Now you are curious to learn what these little creatures love to play with. Stop! Don’t worry! Chinchillas love chewing and like playing with hanging chew balls, woven carrots, and many other chew toys.

These little furry buddies are active and curious creatures who have a lot of energy to expel in a small package. Toys and activities can help keep your chinchilla happy and healthy but it is important to also ensure that they are safe.

 Toys also improve your chinchilla’s dental health, so they must have them around. Be prepared to purchase a variety of toys and use some trial and error to find the best options and to find out what your chinchilla likes to play with most. Also, be sure to only use toys that are chinchilla safe.

Just dig a little deeper and exactly know what your chinchillas like to play with.

Chinchillas like to play with:

  • Chinchillas love to play with different toys. Here is the list of toys you should consider buying for your little chins,
  • Chew sticks, ranging from apple orchard stick to many wood blocks or branches
  • Hanging toys
  • Nestboxes
  • Tunnels in the cage
  • Ramps and ledges
  • Hammocks
  • Toilet paper rolls filled with hay or oats

Or any other toy that is safe for their health. If you are choosing any wood or branches, make sure about the wood you’re giving them is free of pesticides. Durable parrot toys work in this case as well if you have access to them.

Hiding House:

Another thing chinchillas love to play with is the hiding house. You can say it like the hide and seek; we used to play in our childhoods.

The timid nature of chinchillas means that you will need to provide yours with numerous places to hide out in their cage. You can go with wood or a clay pipe for this.

This will be your chinchilla’s favorite place, and will likely end up as its nest. It’s a prey animal, so having a hide house helps it feel secure. In case you have multiple chinchillas in your house then they all should have their own hide houses.

You can make a DIY house for your little furry buddy. Just cut a hole in a piece of PVC piping. You might be surprised at the tight spaces these animals can squeeze into. Just make sure that your pet can get out.

 Dust Baths:

Chinchillas love taking dust baths; it’s a sort of playing time for your little friend. Regular dust baths keep your chinchilla clean and happy. You can use either a deep plastic bowl for this purpose or a fishbowl.

All you need to do is add some dust to the bowl. You don’t need to put a lot of dust in the bowl for your pet to clean itself thoroughly.

They will immediately begin rolling around in the dust out of instinct. You should never have a difficult time getting your chinchilla to take a dust bath. But make sure that each dust bath should last about 10-15 minutes at the most.

Climbing Toys:

Their active nature loves to climb. One minute they are in the cage and the second min they will be in the hiding house. So, you need to provide them with some creative climbing options.

 Some options include sitting platforms of different heights, ladders, large blocks of wood or bricks, perches, branches, and fabric hammocks. Arrange these climbing toys in the cage so that they are sturdy and won’t shift or fall when your chinchilla climbs on them.

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A large exercise wheel:

Chinchillas love to play with many different options. The chinchillas enjoy running, and a wheel is a good way for them to get exercise while in a contained environment.

Make sure that the base of the wheel is solid and not made of spokes; your chinchilla can break its legs on the latter. 

These animals love to run around on wheels, but you need to choose carefully. You’ll want to get a wheel or ball that is made of plastic. Metal wheels pose too much of a threat to your chinchilla, so you should avoid them entirely.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I play with my chinchilla?

Chinchillas have a unique behavior compared to the other pets. So, these little furry buddies prefer a schedule rather than playing spontaneously.

Pick a time that works for you in the evening and take your chinchilla out of its cage for some fun. 

Evening time is suggested because they are more active at night than on days. But make sure to remove all chewable objects from the chosen play space. Aside from running and jumping, chinchillas love to chew on things, especially on things they are not supposed to.

Do chinchillas like to be held?

Chinchillas are little active creatures that are known for their playful nature. But don’t expect to cuddle with them like other domestic pets such as dogs or cats. Gentle handling from a young age, most chinchillas can become quite tame and bond closely with their owners.

Do chinchillas play games?

Like other pets, chinchillas also love to play and be played with. Playing is considered healthy for them. it lets them express themselves in their own unique way. However, chinchillas like to do their own thing, so don’t feel down if your interactions with them while playing are rather limited.

Final Verdict:

All in all, chinchillas are very active and known for their unique behavior. They need a lot of different things to play with on the daily basis. As these little furry buddies love to chew so it is recommended to add chewable toys.

You can use wood options for chinchilla, and chew toys including cherry, redwood, and cedar. Another good option to consider is a dust bath; it can definitely serve as playtime for these animals. They will instinctually roll around in the dust and clean themselves while having a great time.

If you put a wheel in your furry friend’s cage, make sure it is made entirely of plastic. Keep in mind to carefully consider the material of the toys you get your pet, as you don’t want to buy any that contain toxic properties.

You’ll want to put at least a couple of hiding toys in your pet’s cage, as chinchillas are timid animals.

Thank you for reading the article. Hopefully, after reading this article you get to know all the toys your chinchillas love to play with and how they love to play. If you want to learn more about little chinchillas let us know in the comment section below.

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