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The exciting experience of adopting a chinchilla can be made more fruitful by a quality breeder. Getting in touch with a trustworthy chinchilla breeder is crucial and can help you not only in adoption but also in aftercare. In that respect, the foremost step you can take is to get knowledge about the chinchilla breeders in your area.

Before purchasing your chinchilla, it is important to get complete know-how of chinchilla management and possible breeders.

Your selected breeder must be good enough to have the healthiest and most active chinchillas. As a veterinarian, I always guide chinchilla owners toward some of the best breeders available in my region.

Similarly, I will break down the topics to give you a comprehensive overview of the best breeders available in different states.

Petting a chinchilla is a noble and very beautiful thing to do and I’ll make sure you find the best chinchilla breeders in your area to fulfill this cause. You must know where to purchase or adopt your chinchilla. Otherwise, the experience can be quite intimidating for you.

Globally Available Best Chinchilla Breeders

Chinchilla Breeders in the USA

Chinchilla Chateau California

Owned by Sumiko De La Vega, Chinchilla Chateau is a registered chinchilla breeder since 2006. They have keen dexterity in breeding management and have specialties in grays, pink whites, and beige chinchillas. Chinchilla Chateau’s expert scientists are also currently working on Lowe’s recessive white mutation, also known as the Goldbar.

Carolina Chinchilla Ranch

The professional chinchilla breeding circuit is well maintained by the owner & chinchilla expert, Tiffany. Carolina chinchilla ranch is not only proficient in breeding but also has a vast supply store for chinchilla products. Additionally, they also offer chinchilla boarding services at an affordable rate.

Weeping Willow Farm, Florida

This best-in-class chinchilla breeder houses pet and show-quality chinchillas in a variety of colors. If you’re fond of taking part in chinchilla shows, Weeping willow farm is your best bet.

They also possess Angora chinchillas and Locken Curly chinchilla breeds. Additionally, you can find almost any chinchilla accessory and toy under the same roof.

Cuddle Bug Chinchillas, Colorado

With an astounding 131 breeder chinchilla herd, Cuddle Bug Chinchillas is your go-to option if you need a healthy pet chinchilla.

The kits have a one-year chinchilla club membership and offer to breed, care for, and show-grade chinchillas. This breeder has a chinchilla rescue service running around the clock along with a quality boarding service.

Chinchilla Breeders in the UK

Greenwood Chinchilla Breeders Birmingham

With over 10 years of chinchilla breeding experience, I always recommend choosing Greenwood Chinchilla Breeders. All of the breeding stock is well-cared for and managed with superior genetic selection. They make sure the chinchilla you bring home must be free from any disease and have no behavioral and physical problems.

Cameron’s Chinchillas Buckinghamshire

Having profound expertise in Sullivan violet & violet blend chinchillas, Cameron’s Chinchillas is the name you can trust.

The breeder has an amazing collection of show quality and pedigree chinchillas. The beautiful mutation of Sullivan violet chinchillas is continuously being refined under the supervision of the National Chinchilla Society in Milton Keynes.

Cheeky Chinchillas UK

Cheeky Chinchillas take care of all the fundamental chinchilla needs, including care, breeding, equipment, and health problems.

By collaborating with the best-in-class veterinarians, they have now set up one of the famous chinchilla breeding firms in the UK. Cheeky Chinchillas have a vast knowledge about the parentage of chinchillas and their significance in breeding chinchillas.

In terms of kits available, you can choose to buy or adopt top-quality kits with the best pedigree characteristics. They also held annual and seasonal chinchilla competitions and photography sessions. Cheeky chinchillas are also a well-known rescue service serving in the UK for several years.

Chinchilla Breeders in Canada

Choco-Vanilla Chinchillas

Since 1997, Choco-Vanilla Chinchillas is known to be the first established chinchilla breeder in Quebec, Canada. Working with a team of qualified breeders and veterinarians, they have populated the nearby areas with healthy domesticated chinchillas. They offer affordable adult and kit selling and breeding services.

Manalo Chinchillas

If you’re searching for the rare Blue Diamond chinchillas, Manalo Chinchillas can make it happen. They are the pioneers to breed Angora and Blue diamond breeds in Ontario and the surrounding regions. The breeder is registered with Mutation Chinchilla Breeders Association and strives to deliver the best pedigree chinchilla breeds.

There are a number of different color options for male & female chinchillas available, including standard beige, ebony, and whites. Manalo Chinchillas offer international delivery on all chinchilla breeds with a maximum of two chinchillas per shipment.

Canadian Chinchilla Breeder & Rescue Ontario

With years of chinchilla breeding experience, they are now serving the Ontario region with top-quality chinchilla breeds. Whether you want a specific color or are mesmerized by the fur appearance, Canadian Chinchilla Breeder has everything. 

With an impressive herd of pedigree and mutated chinchillas, all the breeding operations are held under National Chinchilla Breeders of Canada–NCBC supervision. They also provide chinchilla rescue and adoption services to give these furry cuties a new home.

Flower Town Chinchillas Canada

Among many impressive things about Flower Town Chinchillas, one is their state-of-the-art breeding herd. They have reserve grand champions & color champion chinchillas that are absolutely loving and wonderful to live with. All of the herd is under strict veterinary and breeding association supervision to protect them from health issues.

This is another go-to spot if you want to bring home an exceptionally beautiful chinchilla. They have all kinds of chinchilla cages, climbing posts, and toys and are a member of NCBC, MCBA & The Chinchilla Club.

Pet Store Vs Chinchilla Breeder – What to Choose?

Most of the people who want to adopt or purchase a chinchilla get puzzled about whether they get this furry animal from a pet store or a breeder. In my opinion, this question is an important one and needs to be answered.

The reason is that this question has become a big debate in recent times, especially throughout online communities.

What I suggest, there is nothing wrong with selecting your chinchilla either from a breeder or from a pet store. As a general rule of thumb, you should always try to find and contact a chinchilla breeder first. If you live in an area with no chinchilla breeder nearby, you can choose to purchase your chinchilla from a pet store.

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Choosing a breeder or a pet store is entirely up to you and the availability of a chinchilla breeder. However, if you’re looking for chinchilla-offering pet stores, Pet Smart & Petco has a very broad chain and does offer chinchilla-selling services. A Chinchilla breeder is a choice that I’ll go for just like most other chinchilla owners.

Significance of Choosing a Chinchilla Breeder

You might be wondering why I am suggesting you find a chinchilla breeder rather than a pet store for your new furry friend. Not only do most other exotic animal experts recommend it, but there are also many benefits to making this choice. 

Profound Chinchilla Management Knowledge

You have a very clear idea that these breeders are experts in raising and nurturing chinchillas. They are proficient in the health, feeding, and management of these social cuties. There is significantly less risk of hidden infections and illnesses if you get your chinchilla from a breeder. Additionally, they have keen dexterity in acknowledging the behaviors of individual chinchillas.

More Socialization

Chinchillas are kept together in smaller or larger groups at a breeder farm. They practically mimic the natural wild habitat of chinchillas in which they develop and socialize better.

The chinchillas are much more socialized and have a calm nature if you get them from a breeder. Your cute friend is very fond of socialization, which is not given in pet stores as they place chinchillas in separate cages. 

Docile & Friendly Chinchillas

You can practically see a win-win situation in case you buy or adopt a chinchilla from a breeder. The exciting thing is that there is much more human interaction at breeder farms.

The chinchillas are very much familiar with humans and consequently feel safe in your warm hands. You’ll not see any aggression in your pet if you get it from a chinchilla breeder.

Excellent Care Provision

The general care provided at a breeder is far more impressive than at a pet store. As pet store owners have a business mind, they usually don’t bother to care much about the health of animals. Chinchilla breeders, on the other hand, have sound knowledge of the general and systemic issues of chinchillas and can sort these out pretty easily.

Good Relations with Vets

Contrary to the pet stores, not only chinchilla breeders are more knowledgeable but they have very fruitful relations with veterinarians.

The breeder from which you get your chinchilla can hook you up with the best veterinarian in the area in case of any illness and emergency. Even if you have trouble finding an exotic animal vet, your chinchilla breeder can be of great help in finding one.

Indications of a Top-Notch Chinchilla Breeder

How do you know if you found a best-in-class chinchilla breeder for your new pet? This question may put some future chinchilla owners in confusion.

In my opinion, you may never find more than two chinchilla breeders near your residence. The rest of them will be too far away from a driving distance. 

Most animal experts recommend building trust between you and your breeder. This can be done by asking relevant and professional questions on your first visit. You may ask them about the total time from when they started breeding chinchillas. A reputable breeder can provide a piece of significant information about chinchillas and have an online presence. 

These questions may appear too much for you but they are relatively important. It is better to ask for all the medical records of your chosen chinchilla.

This can save you a lot of trouble in managing your chinchilla the way he or she likes. Before the adoption day, I recommend you do general homework about these relevant questions.

Another crucial thing is to inquire about the different colors and age groups they have. This will save you time if you are specifically looking for a black, grey, or white chinchilla.

Now, not having a specific color chinchilla according to your demand is not a bad thing in any way. It is also important to inquire about the age and gender of the present chinchillas during the visit.

Other things that enhance the trust of an owner of chinchilla breeders are cleanliness and managemental practices.

You don’t want to get a chinchilla from a dirty place or an infected herd. If your breeder is following the best practices for cleaning and feeding, you’re good to go. Watch out for these indicators and follow the same optimal practices after adoption.

Final Thoughts

Finding a chinchilla breeder can be cumbersome if you don’t know where to look for it. Whether you take ideas from your nearby friend or a veterinarian, there must be someone ready to give you a beautiful and healthy chinchilla.

There are many chinchilla breeders available with the best hygiene and caring practices you can ever find.

With that being said, I wish you the best of luck in finding the best chinchilla breeder near you. Make sure you take notes on assessing the quality of the chinchilla breeder during your first visit. This will make sure you get a sound and beautiful chinchilla to make a new addition to your family. 


Can I visit the breeder’s house or farm before purchasing or adopting a chinchilla?

There is a high chance that your selected breeder will permit you to visit their breeding site. If you observe that the given breeder is preventing you from paying a visit, he might be hiding something. I always recommend getting the chinchilla after you visit the place and acknowledging his or her living conditions.

How to know if a chinchilla breeder is passionate and authentic about his work?

If the breeder has a well-managed breeding setup and has a good relationship with other relevant breeders, it is a good sign that your breeder has a legit business. Having a good partnership with an exotic animal veterinarian is another surety about the best-in-class chinchilla services.


I am a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and have a keen interest in animal health care. Working as a veterinary content writer, I intend to stay with professional approach in producing quality content. I like research-based reading and currently seeking my veterinary profession. My hobbies are travelling to exotic places and observing nature to the fullest.

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