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June 6, 2022 by Umair Shahid

Regardless of how much you love your beloved chinchilla, there are times when you need to go on a vacation or an important event. If there is no one behind to care for your chinchilla when you’re away, you need to consider your pet’s comfort and safety. This is where chinchilla boarding services come in handy. 

Boarding services are ideal and better if you want to go out of town on a work call. The facilities provided by the best chinchilla boarding services are up-to-the-mark with the utmost care and management of your beloved furry friend. Your chinchilla will feel safer in the hands of professional pet trainers and in a comfortable environment.

There are chances that your cute friend may meet other boarded chinchillas and socialize with them. In my opinion, this is far better than keeping him or her home under the supervision of a caretaker or pet sitter. Chinchillas have a great sense of socialness and they want themselves to get engaged in playfulness and socialization.

What is Chinchilla Pet Boarding?

Although, many chinchilla owners are quite aware of what pet boarding is, let me clear it once again. For starters, chinchilla boarding is a lodging facility where you can keep your furry angel for an extended period. This is similar to the daycare services for kids but specifically made for chinchillas.

With the advancements of the modern era, we are becoming busy with routine work and certainly don’t have much time for our pets.

Some of the animals have no problem staying alone while others get bored too quickly. For instance, chinchillas are known as social cuties and they can’t stay alone for a long period.

Therefore, acknowledging what pet boarding is and why your chinchilla needs, it is mandatory for every pet owner.

Significance of Chinchilla Boarding

Other Pets & People Socialization

The utmost and prime benefit of choosing a boarding service is eliminating the boredom of your pet. If your chinchilla loves to be around people or engage himself in playing, a chinchilla boarding service is your go-to option. In terms of daycare service, they do care about the welfare of animals. 

In that respect, they offer cage-free time during the boarding duration so your chinchilla doesn’t have to keep sitting in one place. Experts recommend using boarding services specially made for chinchillas where they can find some more buddies to play with.

Exercise & Health

Boarding your chinchilla while you go on a work trip or vacation is an excellent option to maintain your pet’s health and fitness.

Leaving a chinchilla at home is not ideal as he or she will stay quiet and won’t be able to socialize at all. Leaving your furball to a boarding service can eliminate your worries about the boredom of your chinchilla.

The exotic animal behavior specialists in boarding services will take care of your chinchilla so he can rest or play and have some healthy exercise sets. Many cages there have perches and climbing posts to engage your chinchilla well without the chances of injuries.

Feeding Under Supervision

If you’re worried about who will feed my chinchilla in my absence, take no other option than a good quality boarding.

The staff has some set rules and schedules for proper feeding, resting, playing, and cleaning. The routine will be strictly followed so that your chinchilla can have an amazing time while staying at a boarding service.

Ensure Your Home Safety

Chinchilla boarding services can be a great alternative to hiring a pet sitter. It also makes sure your house is safe from theft and critical circumstances. If you hire a chinchilla sitter while you’re staying outside the town, you’ll be worried about your pet and your home at the same time. 

The pet sitter has access to your home assets and keys and you don’t want the sitter to mess things up. The hired sitter is a stranger to you and you must make sure your home and pet must be safe and properly taken care of.

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Important Tips in Selecting the Best Chinchilla Boarding Service

If you’re unsure about how to choose a professional and suitable boarding service, I am here to help you out. You need to follow a basic set of tips and consider some crucial factors that decide the next boarding home for your chinchilla.

The first and foremost thing you can do is to visit the facility to see their services. In my opinion, this is quite an impressive way of eliminating dirty and unclean boarding facilities where you don’t want your chinchilla to live. The surety of whether the facility has a comfortable atmosphere must be made before finalizing.

A chinchilla boarding service should have direct contact with a local veterinarian. The veterinarian must be available on call to assist in any emergency cases.

This will ultimately offer you peace of mind that your chinchilla is in safe hands. Another thing you must look for is their special services such as spas, grooming rooms, and specie specific playgrounds.

Top-Notch Chinchilla Boarding Services in the USA

The Animal Keeper

This is one of the impressive and worth-trying boarding services working in California for many years. They have world-class pet accommodation facilities with trained and professional staff. There are a variety of small quiet rooms available for small pets to let them rest and have a peaceful time.

All Animal Veterinary Hospital

I placed this qualifying boarding service in California due to their exquisite boarding experience at an affordable price. The exotic pet boarding is under Dr. Attila who is specialized in exotic medicine. Your chinchilla will love to stay and have an awesome, playful time. 

Animal of Farmer Branch Boarding & Grooming

If you’re living in Texas and want a premium chinchilla boarding service, this is your go-to option. They always make sure your furry friend gets the utmost comfortable area resembling their natural habitat. The loving place is enriched with advanced facilities, including grooming and checkup rooms.

Besides, you must search out possible best boarding services depending upon your location for ease of conveyance.

Final Thoughts

Getting your chinchilla to a boarding service is an excellent and ideal way of keeping him or her safe. A good boarding service will take care of your chinchilla just like you do at home. Not only do they provide them a place to rest but also offer plenty of playtimes. The well-trained and super friendly staff will keep an eye on the feeding and living routines efficiently.

With that being said, I wish the best of luck to you for your vacation and your chinchilla for an astonishing boarding experience. 


How to choose the best boarding service for my chinchilla?

Getting to know about the decided service physically and checking for the available requirements will give you an idea. You must look for a boarding service located in a quiet place and equip with all the necessary facilities.

Should I bring my chinchilla’s cage and food at the time of boarding?

Some boarding services let you bring the cage and food. Exotic animal experts do recommend using this method to prevent the chinchilla’s uneasiness caused by the new cage and food.

How many days can my chinchilla stay at a boarding service?

It depends on the service and may vary from state to state. You can contact the relevant boarding service to know how much time your chinchilla can stay there. Generally, most pets can stay and tolerate up to two to four weeks of the boarding period.

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