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June 6, 2022 by Umair Shahid

You have a little chin in your home. Like other pets, you want to play with them too. But you are confused.  Do chinchillas like chin scratches? Let me be honest with you. The answer is not straightforward no. But usually, it has been observed that little chins don’t tend to go anywhere near people, they don’t let them scratch and prefer to enjoy their own company.

If you observe that your little furry buddy is letting you pet and scratch then it is a great sign that it starts liking you. Chin’s that let you interact with them in this way is letting you know that they feel comfortable and safe around you.

Chinchilla likes Chin Scratches

In the case of chinchillas, it takes time to form a great bond. It may be the case that when you first purchase a Chinchilla they are not keen on you touching or picking them up. Over time the two of you should be able to create a great bond that means your Chin will be more than happy for you to give them a scratch behind their ears.

Just stick with me here and I will tell you the several behaviors of chinchillas showing affection and are the signs to let you scratch them.

Start greeting you:

So, you get to your chinchilla cage during the daytime and you observe that your little buddy coming out of the cave to see you. Smack! This is a particular honor for you. Chinchillas sleep for most of the day so you will find they are not very active during those hours. 

When he starts greeting you just wait for a few days he will start letting you scratch it and enjoy the company.

Climb over you during the playtime:

When your chinchilla gets out of the cage to have some playtime, this is the most exciting part of the day for your little buddy. If you see your little chin climbing and jumping all over you during the playtime. Smack! Your patience is over and they have started enjoying your company. You can’t keep them away from you. This is a sign that your Chin feels most comfortable around you and totally trusts you. 

Letting out of the cage to have a playtime doesn’t work for all of the chinchillas. Especially when they have just arrived in the new home and are in an unfamiliar territory they will have a quite daunting experience.

 Don’t bark at you:

If your chinchilla bark at you, it is quite obvious that he or she doesn’t like you very much.  Chinchillas that bark are angry or stressed Chinchillas, There is no other way about it. This could be partly due to them feeling uncomfortable around you for various reasons.

Those chinchillas who love their owner and enjoy their company never bark at them. It is considered a sign of stress or aggression.  You may experience some other types of vocals from your chin that could mean boredom or excitement, but they will never outright bark. 

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Take treats from your hand:

You treat your chinchilla using your hand. You observe that your chinchilla calmly and confidently takes a treat from your hand then this is a great way to show that they like and trust you. In contrast, if your chinchilla doesn’t take food from your hand it is a clear sign of not having a solid bond with them.

Remember not to overdo it with treats as this can be extremely bad for your little chins’ health.

So, the answer to the question of little chin-like scratches is simple. It totally depends on the mood of your chinchilla and its bonding with you. If your little chin feels comfortable with you, he will allow you to scratch. It is a rare case though!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does it mean when a chinchilla scratches you?

Sometimes you will observe that your little chin bites your finger or in the vet language they may nibble. It is completely normal.  If a chinchilla smells a particularly yummy scent on your fingers, he may take a gentle nibble to “taste” or may bite harder believing your finger to be a delicious treat.

Why is my chinchilla itching or scratching?

If you observe, your chinchilla is continuously itching or scratching. There are several different reasons for this behavior. Your little friend might have been suffering from stress, fleas, lice, fungal infections, dry skin, or fur barbering.

Final Verdict:

All in all, what we have learned so far is, patience is a virtue! Chinchillas are affectionate pets if they trust you. They can enjoy being petted and stroked. So, all you need to do is make a bond with your little chin and enjoy their company.

Once you have made a good bond then your little friend will let you know if you are petting it in an area it doesn’t like to be touched. Starting with the head and back is a safe place because most chinchillas have no issues being pets there.

Thank you for reading the article. Hopefully, after reading this article you get to know your little chinchilla’s behavior and signs of affectation.  If you want to learn more about little chinchillas let us know in the comment section below.

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