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A pet lover can have different pets at home. A pet lover can have different pets at home. Most people love to keep multiple pets like birds, cats, and dogs at the same time in the house. If you already have multiple pets, you might know what it looks like. Can you keep a chinchilla and cat together? The chinchillas and cats might be a tough combination to keep.

A chinchilla getting along with a cat depends on the habits of your cat. If your cat is a predator, it might take chinchilla as prey. Understand the behavior of your cat first. Sometimes they get along very well. But things can go south if your cat is habitual of killing rodents. Get a detailed idea before you cancel a plan of keeping chinchillas with a cat.

Why can’t you keep cats and chinchillas together?

Cats and chinchillas are cute furry animals. Both are lovely pets, but their personalities are opposite. Many factors can cause problems in keeping a cat and chinchilla together in your house.


The cats are natural predators, and chinchillas are their prey. This preying is the biggest problem you might face in keeping the two together. The cats love to kill rodents for fun. If you want to introduce chinchilla to a cat, make sure your cat does not kill the rodents. Introduce them in your presence and monitor your cat. Even if your cat and chinchilla get along well, I suggest you never leave these two unattended.


Chinchillas and cats do not become perfectly bonded pets. The cats are very territorial. They never like to share their space and family with other pets. Your cat might get very jealous when you bring a chinchilla home. This jealousy can also lead to your cat attacking the chinchilla. Therefore, it might be very challenging for your to introduce chinchillas to a cat.


The chinchillas are naturally shy animals. They prefer hiding in their burrows and staying reserved. They are not shy with the owners. But they might take some time to get attached to you. If you have a cat in your house, the chinchillas hide because of their natural hiding instinct from a predator. This hiding can cause constant stress in chinchillas. Therefore, if you want to keep the two in your house, you might need patience and supervision.  


The cats and chinchillas might be troublesome to bond with because of their unique personalities. They are opposite each other. Some personality traits of chinchillas include:

  • Shy, timid, reserved, and fearful
  • Easily agitated and stressed
  • Prey for many predators in wild habitat
  • Suffer from heatstroke easily
  • More likely to flee and hide

However, the cats are the opposite. Some personality traits in cats are:

  • Display more unpredictable behavior
  • rarely stress out
  • Not timid or shy
  • Obviously, go after rodents
  • Considered a mammal and a predator

All these differences in personality traits can be challenging for you to keep a cat and chinchilla together.

How to Introduce Cats to Chinchillas:

Though their personalities are different, you might have no choice other than to keep a cat and a chinchilla together. if you are planning to do so, here are some tips to introduce cats to chinchillas:

Never leave them unattended:

The cats and chinchillas might get along but never make the mistake of leaving these two pets unattended. Give your chinchilla time and space to acclimatize to the cat in the house.

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Chinchillas might hide in their nest boxed and hesitate to come out of the cage in presence of cats. The cat also sees it as prey and chases the chinchilla. Therefore, always stay alone when leaving the two pets in the same room.

Let them smell each other:

Both these animals have strong olfactory senses. They can acclimatize with each other by smelling each other. However, cats can sow territorial behavior at this moment by hissing at the chinchilla. The chinchillas also get scared quickly, so you need to keep them calm.

Play together:

You don’t have to give time separately to both pets. I recommend you will play with both pets at the same time. This effort will encourage the cat to bond with the chinchilla because both belong to you. In your presence, the chinchilla will also be less scared and shy.

Prevent physical contact if your cat is aggressive:

When you bring a chinchilla, make sure the cage is big enough to let the chinchilla move freely. The chinchilla might panic seeing the cat and injure itself by running around in the cage. Make some hiding spots in the cage to reduce the panic level in your chinchilla. Try to keep them together but at the place where your cat cannot reach the cage of chinchillas. Avoid physical contact if your cat tries to attack the chinchilla.

Make your chinchilla comfortable:

Before introducing a cat to a chinchilla, make sure the chinchilla is familiar to you. Otherwise, it will double the stress on chinchillas. The chinchillas panic in presence of unfamiliar people. Therefore, before keeping a cat with a chinchilla, make sure the chinchilla is not scared of you.

Frequently Asked Question:

  1. Do cats attack chinchillas?

Yes, cats do attack chinchillas. The cats and chinchillas have a relationship of predator and prey naturally. If you leave them unattended, the cat will attack your chinchillas. The chinchillas are very sensitive, and they get scared easily. Therefore, make sure you never leave them alone, and the cat does not harm your chinchilla.

  • Do cats and chinchillas bond?

The cats and chinchillas do not bond like the best buddies. If you expect them to play around comfortably, this might not happen soon. It can be very challenging to keep cats and chinchillas together.

  • Can I keep cats and chinchillas in the same room?

Yes, you can keep cats and chinchillas together under the same roof. However, you must attend them during this time. You cannot leave a predator and prey in the same room unattended. You can also keep a chinchilla cage out of reach of your cat to avoid any harm.


The final thoughts about can you keep a chinchilla and cat together? Indeed, they can coexist, but it is very difficult to manage. If you have ample time to attend and give attention to both pets, only then you can think of keeping the two together.

Their instinct makes them troublesome to bond with each other. However, if your cat is timid and docile, they might accept chinchillas in your house. If you want to keep them both together, make sure you start it when the cat is very young.

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