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March 9, 2023 by Umair Shahid

According to the most recent pet population survey, 1.3 percent of households in the UK owned guinea pigs. These popular pets eat a large variety of vegetables and fruits.

Being herbivores, a significant portion of their diet contains vegetables. However, can guinea pigs eat broccoli? Yes. It is safe to feed broccoli to guinea pigs but in a moderate amount.

Broccoli is beneficial for guinea pigs. It provides fibers that can improve gut motility in guinea pigs. So, it is crucial to understand how much amount of broccoli that is safe to feed your guinea pigs.

Do guinea pigs like broccoli?

The guinea pigs love to eat vegetables. They are herbivores, and broccoli can serve as good food for these rodents. However, it is not a good way to use broccoli as a staple food for guinea pigs.

Broccoli contains many minerals like calcium and oxalates. Excessive feeding of broccoli can be dangerous for rodents. Therefore, avoid giving broccoli to your guinea pig just because he is staring at your face while you eat it.  

Nutritional benefits of Broccoli:

According to the research of the American Animal Hospital Association, the guinea pig diet should contain 16 percent crude protein. This protein is available in the form of a pallet diet.

The grass and hay of leguminous plants are also good sources of proteins. But the guinea pigs also need vitamin C sources in their diet. I recommend feeding hay and pallets to your guinea pigs.

According to veterinary experience, guinea pig diets should include healthy vegetables. These vegetables, besides the standard pellet food, provide many minerals and vitamins.

Source of Vitamins:

Broccoli is a green, little vegetable filled with vitamin C and vitamin A. All these vitamins are necessary for the health of guinea pigs. Vitamin A protects the skin and eyes from the damaging environment.

Vitamin C provides immunity to guinea pigs. It helps heal many injuries and infections. It also benefits the hair and nail compactness in guinea pigs.

Source of minerals:

Broccoli also provides many minerals in guinea pigs. The broccoli is rich in calcium, oxalates, and potassium. All these minerals reduce oxidative stress in the body.

Calcium strengthens the skeletal system and immune system. The potassium is good for guinea pig hair coats. The oxalates remove the free radicals in the body.

Therefore, broccoli can be very beneficial for guinea pigs. But make sure you feed only a small bowl of broccoli to your guinea pig once a week. Also, provide ample water to reduce the risk of urinary stones.

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Why should guinea pigs not eat broccoli?

The broccolis are not harmful to guinea pigs. These little rodents can feed on broccoli. However, do not exceed more than a small bowl of broccoli a week.

There are several reasons you should feed broccoli to guinea pigs in moderation. However, the most crucial problem is the development of kidney stones.  

Kidney stones:

The broccoli is rich in oxalates and calcium. There are many other minerals also present in broccoli. However, calcium and oxalates combine to make crystals.

These crystals can block the ureter and cause urinary retention. Similarly, these crystals also get converted into kidney stones. Therefore, avoid feeding excess broccoli to guinea pigs to prevent renal problems.  

Frequently asked questions

  1. How often should I provide broccoli to my guinea pigs?

You should provide broccoli to your guinea pigs in moderation. The best way to feed is only an average size bowl dividing it two to three times a week. Do not exceed the serving size because feeding broccoli too often can cause renal stones.  

  • How much broccoli should I provide to my guinea pigs?

Use a small bowl and divide it into two or three parts. You can feed these broccolis to your guinea pigs for over a week. Do not make it a staple food for your guinea pigs.  

  • Is it safe to feed all parts of broccoli to the guinea pigs?

Yes, unlike other vegetables, broccoli is safe for guinea pigs. You can feed all parts of broccoli to your guinea pig.


Can guinea pigs eat broccoli? This question might interest you if you love to sprinkle the pieces of broccoli every time you eat your salad. You might find it difficult to prevent your guinea pig from eating broccoli.

But, eating broccoli is safe and beneficial for guinea pigs. Just keep in mind that moderation is necessary. Excessive broccoli can cause urinary problems in guinea pigs.  


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