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June 6, 2022 by Umair Shahid

The chinchillas are cute little furry animals. They are lovely little pets who love to play around. It is very troublesome to control chinchillas outdoors. If you want to take your chinchilla out of the house, it must be difficult for you to handle them.

But can chinchillas wear a harness? No, chinchillas cannot wear a harness. Many brands have special harnesses and leashes for chinchillas as well.

The researchers say it is not a good idea to make a chinchilla wear harness. The harnesses or collars are suitable for those pets who run or walk.

The chinchillas usually hop and jump. They also have a fragile vertebral column. The pressure of a harness can cause injuries in chinchillas. I will explain in detail why chinchillas cannot wear a harness.

Why Can chinchillas not wear a harness?

According to veterinarian experience, chinchillas have fragile bodies. Putting pressure on their bones can be injurious. There are several reasons chinchillas and harness do not mix. Some of these reasons are as follows:

The harness does not fit them:

The chinchillas are little rodents. They have tiny bodies, and they look like furballs because they cover their body in fur. The chinchillas have the densest fur in the entire world. This fur makes them look bigger than they are.

When you put on a leash or a harness on a chinchilla’s neck, it does not fit them unless you make it real tight. Similarly, a chinchilla can simply get rid of a loose leash because of its silky fur.

Chinchillas do not walk:

The leash or harness is suitable for those animals who can walk or run. The chinchillas are rodents, and they have very light bodies. They can hop and jump in addition to walking and running.

If they jump while having a harness on, they can break their bones because of sudden pressure. Therefore, it is not a good solution to make your chinchilla wear a harness. Even some veterinarians constrain from putting a collar around the chinchilla’s neck.

Chinchillas are skittish:

The chinchillas are very skittish animals. They do not sit calmly and love to run around. These active pets are difficult to control using the harness.

Their sudden movements can cause the breakage of their ribs or vertebral column. Therefore, if you want to handle your chinchillas, it is better to keep them inside the cage. Do not use collars or leashes for chinchillas.

Chinchillas have fragile bodies:

Chinchillas are cute little furry animals. They are very delicate and small animals. Their bodies and bones are very soft and fragile.

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Some people think harnesses will distribute the pressure to the whole body. However, this distributed pressure is equally harmful because chinchillas have delicate bones.   

Chinchillas experience fur slip:

The chinchillas are very sensitive creatures. They can experience stress easily. In their wild habitat, they live freely in the colonies of hundreds of chinchillas.

They are very social. When you keep chinchillas as pets, you deprive them of their freedom and colonies. This captivity makes chinchillas feel stressed.

Using harnesses and leashes can make chinchillas very depressed. This stress cause losing fur and alopecia in chinchillas. We know the hair loss in chinchillas because of stress as fur slips.

Can chinchillas wear chinchilla specific collars?

People are now domesticating chinchillas as household pets. These animals live in mountains, and they are habitual of roaming freely.

Many pet breeders develop harnesses and collars for chinchillas. These harnesses are not for walking the chinchillas.

These harnesses are for breeders to control the chinchillas during the breeding process. This is not a good idea to use these harnesses for walking or taking out chinchillas.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can you put a chinchilla on the leash?

No, I do not recommend it to put a chinchilla on a leash. The chinchillas have fragile bones, and leashes can cause internal injuries in chinchillas. If you want to restrain your chinchilla, you can take them out in

  • Can I put a collar on my chinchilla?

Many people love to put fancy collars on their chinchillas. However, it is risky to put collars on chinchillas. First, they can get rid of loose collars easily because of their silky fur. Second, the tight collars can get stuck somewhere and injure our pets. Therefore, avoid using collars and harnesses for chinchillas.


The chinchillas are the best pets you can have. However, using a harness is not a good way to control chinchillas. Can chinchillas wear a harness?

No, we must not keep them on a leash. The leashes and harnesses can damage the bones of your chinchillas. They are very cute and fragile animals. Therefore, make sure you handle them lightly and keep them inside a cage if you want to restrain them.

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