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March 13, 2023 by Umair Shahid

You have a little chinchilla in your home. You are deciding to have one more pet in the home. But! What about jealousy? You are curious! Do chinchillas get jealous, too?

Yes, these little chins do get jealous. If you are giving all attention to another chin or another pet ignoring it, they will find a way to let you know they want the attention you are giving to the other one.

I believe jealousy comes with love. If you give all of your time to a pet and then out of a sudden decided to have another one. It’s natural to get jealous.

But in the case of chinchillas, you might face some more trouble. In fact, they may even get jealous of cats or dogs, if you have one or both in addition to your rodent.

Can chinchillas get jealous?

According to different experts, jealousy will only occur after introducing a new chin. Proper bonding and compatibility can often take weeks to accomplish. 

Keep reading to learn if chinchillas get jealous, what makes them jealous, and what you need to do when jealousy rears its ugly head.

The behaviors of your chinchilla may vary. Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the frustrating behaviors, your chinchilla may exhibit when it becomes jealous.

Behaviors of a Jealous Chinchilla:

When your chinchilla is jealous you might observe different behavioral changes. Some of them are discussed here.

Fur Biting:

You see your chinchilla has started fur biting out of a sudden. You wonder! Why? Jealousy! Yes! Jealousy can spark this behavior. When they observe your negligence in paying attention to them or you have bought another animal or any other reason. They may get upset or stressed and start fur biting.

 Poop Throwing:

Another rude behavior by your chinchillas, when they get jealous, is poop throwing. Yes, unfortunately, jealousy or frustration from a chinchilla can result in it grabbing those hard-little poop pellets and tossing them around.

And this behavior may last for some time. But don’t worry just use the vacuum for a few days until chinchilla gets back to the normal routine. And don’t worry about the vacuum bothering your pet. These little furry buddies like vacuum cleaners just fine, if they hear them regularly.

How to deal with a jealous Chinchilla?

Chinchillas can get jealous due to several reasons. You just need to analyze them critically and resolve them to keep your chinchilla calm and happy.

Large space:

No doubt! Chinchillas love to run, jump and enjoy climbing branches and ramps. If they get smaller space for these activities they may get stressed or jealous.

Chinchillas in small cages have less space to retreat to in order to escape perceived threats and this can make them feel defensive. Small cages can also lead to frustration which may manifest itself as aggression.

 When you have placed a newcomer in its cage and its area has to be shared with the companion. These kinds of sudden changes may cause them to jealous. So, if you are doing it. Just you need to first replace the small cage with the larger one.  

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Supply the cage with at least one bed per chin, though they might choose to snuggle together while they sleep.

Maintain the proper temperature of the house so they may enjoy themselves and don’t get exhausted. Keep your chins out of direct sunlight and make sure the cage is a safe distance from heaters.

Feed And Diet:

Diet is an essential part of any living organism. If you neglect the diet or feed of your pet they will get upset. The same is the case with chinchillas.

If your chinchillas are sad or jealous just give them a treat and they will get happy. So, feed your chinchillas a diet that consists of high-fiber grass hay, a fortified pellet diet, and fresh produce.  A healthy chinchilla is a happy chinchilla and fades away the signs of jealousy.

Give them Toys:

If you find that your chinchilla is sad because of a new companion in the cage. Give them enough toys. Chinchillas are technically rodents, so they love to chew.

Keep them busy and entertained by proving plenty of toys. Playing, in general, promotes interaction with humans and other chins. They’ll roll around with each other and have fun!

Final Verdict:

So, Chinchillas are the easiest and cheapest pets to own. However, you always need to remember that chinchillas are extremely intelligent. They can definitely give you a run for your money with their attitudes and behaviors from time to time.

 These little furry buddies will let you know when they’re happy when they’re angry, and even when they’re jealous.

 So, if you observe your chinchilla spending time close to you. Smack! It’s a sign of affection. However, if it doesn’t like you, it will avoid you. When you let it out of its cage, it will not sit or stay near you and instead turn away to do its things.

If you believe your chinchilla is acting jealous, treat it like your own little child.

Give them what they want!

Thank you for reading the article. Hopefully, after reading this article you get to know all the tips to fade the jealousy. If you want to learn more about little chinchillas let us know in the comment section below.

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