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The chips, aka Potato chips, are thin fried slices of potatoes that people use as snacks. These potato pieces are not healthy for even humans. Excessive consumption of potato chips leads to high cholesterol and obesity in humans.

So, can chinchillas eat chips? I hope you know that no, chinchillas cannot eat potato chips, fruit chips and chocolate chips. They are unhealthy and metabolically dangerous for chinchillas.

Similarly, there are many additives in chips that can damage the digestive tract of chinchillas.

The spices, oils, cheese, and herbs in potato chips, can cause gastric ulceration and indigestion in your pet. Therefore, I recommend you completely avoid using potato chips as snacks for chinchillas.

Chips are not only made up of potatoes. Nowadays, fruit chips and chocolate chips are also available as snacks.

All these chips are dangerous for chinchillas because they can disturb the stomach of your pet. The high levels of sugar in chocolate chips and fruit chips can cause obesity and diabetes in chinchillas.

Can chinchillas eat potato chips?

Being a pet lover, it is difficult to control the urge of feeding snacks to your pets. Chinchillas are cute little furballs.

Your chinchillas might love to eat crunchy fried potato snacks, but these are extremely unhealthy for your chinchillas. The chips having additives are even more unhealthy.

Potatoes are rich in starch, and chinchillas do not need this high amount of sugar in their body. This starch can change the Ph of their stomach and leads to diarrhea and indigestion.

The spices, herbs, sauces, and other additives in chips can cause digestive problems and gastric ulcers in chinchillas. Therefore, I recommend never feeding chips to your chinchillas.

Can chinchillas eat banana chips?

The banana chips are little flakes of bananas, sliced and dried. These banana chips are available as snacks for humans and sometimes for pets. However, banana chips are not suitable for chinchillas. Bananas are rich in carbohydrates.

The dehydrated fruits contain sugar in an even more concentrated form. This sugar in excess can cause obesity in chinchillas.

There are many other fruits available as chips. These are dry forms of fruits. These fruit chips are not suitable for chinchillas.

However, you can give fresh fruits removing seeds in small amounts. The water in fruits balances out the nutrients. Never feed excess fruits to your chinchillas in any form. They are herbivores and need fiber-rich diets.

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Can chinchillas eat chocolate chips?

Chocolate chips are rich in cocoa, fats, and sugars. All these components are damaging to your dog. If you have a chinchilla, never try to feed chocolate in any form. Chocolate chips can also affect the nervous system in chinchillas.

Theobromine is a chemical component present in chocolate. It can become toxic inside the digestive tract and cause poisoning in chinchillas. Therefore, never feed chocolate chips to your chinchillas.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can chinchillas eat Doritos and lays?

Doritos and lays are potato chips. These chips are rich in many additives, both natural and synthetic. All these additives are severely harmful to the gastric health of chinchillas. Therefore, avoid feeding any type of potato chips to your chinchillas.

  • Can I feed tortilla chips to my chinchilla?

We made the tortilla chips up of corn tortillas. These chips are fried in vegetable oil and have a lot of additives and spices. Therefore, you must not feed chips to your chinchillas.

  • Can chinchillas eat vegetable chips?

Yes, if the vegetable is suitable for chinchilla, these herbivores can eat vegetable chips or flakes. The vegetable chips mostly contain dried-up vegetable that is rich in fiber. However, there is no need to feed vegetable chips because they can eat vegetables directly.


Chinchillas are very sensitive pets. If you ask, can chinchillas eat chips? The answer is straightaway no. Never try to feed potato or fruit chips to chinchillas.

The chips are rich in starch and many feed additives. These components harm the digestive tract of chinchillas.

Therefore, this is the worst idea to feed chips to your chinchillas. You can feed the fruits and vegetables suitable for your pet.

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