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June 6, 2022 by Umair Shahid

Rabbits and Chinchillas! Can both be companions? Can rabbits and chinchillas live together safely? Let me tell you the bitter truth, they can’t! So, if you are planning to house them together in the same cage to save space, and money, or to help the animal bond faster. Stop! You are on the wrong path.

Pocket pet owners around the world love to have chinchillas and rabbits in their family houses. Though both are small animals, It’s easy to assume that small animals are easy-going and friendly all of the time. But there are many differences between these species and you should know about them before moving forward.

Can chinchillas and rabbits live together?

Your bunny and chinchilla can become good friends but they should not live in the same cage. They can get along if they are slowly introduced to each other. However, there are some risks to house sharing, as the animals have very different diets and behaviors. This means they cannot be kept in the same cage.

Though chinchillas are clever and sociable creatures, they can be a little highly strung, aggressive, and violent to other animals. They are so unpredictable that they might feel uncomfortable with their same species companions too. You don’t want your chinchilla to pick a fight with your rabbit because as fierce as they are, chinchillas are still very little and fragile.

So, stick with me here and I will explain to you certain reasons why chinchillas and rabbits don’t make good roommates.

Chinchilla and Rabbits Behaviour:

Chinchillas and rabbits belong to different species so they have different needs. Let’s talk about the need for chinchillas, They love to have dust baths as part of their grooming regime. Whereas these dust baths are likely to cause respiratory problems in other animals including rabbits.

Another example that doesn’t support their caging together is rabbit droppings. Rabbit droppings contain bacteria that can kill a chinchilla, so it is best that they are not left in the same space without supervision.

Rabbits are also known for their killer kick. They may look sweet and innocent, but they can be dangerous if provoked.  It’s not a good idea to leave a rabbit alone with chinchillas, as things could go wrong quite quickly.

They both show different behaviors when we talk about atmospheric changes. For example, chinchillas can withstand the cold, but they cannot handle warm temperatures, and anything above 27 degrees Celcius could cause heatstroke and potentially kill them. Whereas rabbits can withstand any temperature until it’s too cold or too hot. So, rabbits can normally live outside, but chinchillas cannot.

Chinchillas and Rabbit food needs:

You might think that you can feed your both pet the same food. It seems cost-effective to feed both rabbits and chinchillas the same food. However, you must be very careful when transferring food between pets. It is recommended to feed each pet the food which is specifically labeled for them. As chinchillas have a sensitive digestive system they could become ill from eating rabbit food.

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 Rabbits and chinchillas breeding:

No! Never! Rabbits and chinchillas never mate. If you even place them in the same cage, they may attempt to mate, but it is never going to happen. Though their sizes are the same, they are totally different animals. But at no point did a chinchilla and rabbit crossbreed create the chinchilla bunny.

That’s why you shouldn’t place these both in the same cage, because when they want to mate, they will attempt it. There is a chance that they could also get violent or harm one another when they realize that it isn’t going to happen. This is more likely to happen if you have two males living together.

Chinchillas and rabbits cages:

Rabbits and chinchillas play differently and may not ‘get’ each other.  They require different cages for their activities. As chinchillas love to climb so they love to have climbing toys and they should be housed in a ‘tower block’ cage with lots of levels. On the other hand, rabbits are much more partial to a bungalow set up and they like to have separate compartments within their cage.

Final Verdict:

Rabbits and chinchillas both are popular pets around the world. They may even get along well together. But for practical and safety reasons, they should not live together in the same cage and they should not really be left alone together or be given access to each other’s food.

We know it’s a little disappointing that your favorite animals can’t be in the same cage together, even if a chinchilla and rabbit can get along. Unfortunately, it’s just not safe and not recommended.

Thank you for reading the article. Hopefully, after reading this article you get to know all about the chinchillas and rabbits’ housing together and it will be easier for you to make decisions. If you want to learn more about little chinchillas let us know in the comment section below.

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