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There are a few exotic animals that have been able to be domesticated, among which are Chinchillas and hedgehogs. Pet owners have a hard time resisting the enchantment of these two adorable animals.

In this case, it is not a surprise that one of you would like to keep both together. But the real question is can Chinchillas and hedgehogs live together?

Hedgehogs require rather different temperatures in their environment compared with Chinchillas.

It is very important to keep hedgehogs warm for their comfort, but the chinchillas cannot handle the heat at all, so they should always be kept cool. There’s nothing to be gained by letting them be together.

There is a high probability that the hedgehogs will be scared of the chinchillas, due to their high level of activity. Ideally, chinchillas and hedgehogs should be kept in separate rooms if you wish to keep both animals. Contact between the two should never occur.

In this article, we will discuss the behaviors and care of each animal so people will be able to understand why they can’t be housed together.

Can Chinchillas and Hedgehogs Live Together?


It is impossible to dispute the adorable nature of chinchillas. But there is a conflict since just because something has, a cute face doesn’t necessarily equate to the fact that it will make a good companion.

Chinchillas are known to bring some challenges to their owners that they wish they had been aware of before they decided to purchase a Chinchilla.


It is a known fact that chinchillas prefer to be around other chinchillas rather than people due to their social nature. The type of animal that you’re considering is not a good choice for a household where young children live.

Whenever they are not paying attention, they might get injured. In times of threat, Chinchillas may lash out at you, pulling out their teeth or claws, or might attack randomly with their attack patterns.

Chinchillas make a lot of noise in their cages at night and are active at night just like many rodents.


To take care of a chinchilla properly, a routine for cleaning and maintaining the environment of the animal must be established. This is not an impossible task since these animals are relatively simple to take care of.

As long as you keep up with the cleaning, their pellet-shaped feces will not stink, and you will have no problem picking them up. Even so, food and drink may seem bland to them since they may be picky about what they eat and drink.

In order to make sure that they remain engaged, you will need to provide them with plenty of toys that can be chewed so that they can stay occupied and happy. In addition, you will have to watch what they eat so that they remain healthy.


The fur-covered hides of these animals should not be taken as a sign that they were slender creatures. Chinchillas must spend at least one to two hours of their daily sleeping time outside their cages to keep up with their intense physical activity needs.


Even though hedgehogs are smaller than chinchillas and don’t have their fluffy coats, they still somehow manage to be cute just as much. I would like to emphasize again that people should not take advantage of small rodents as pets.

Prior to committing to one, you will need to pay attention to all the needs of the individual and ensure that there are no gaps between each of them and your lifestyle.


When living in the wild, hedgehogs like to keep to themselves and prefer to live a solitary life. In addition to their solitary nature in the wild, they also prefer to keep to themselves privately while being kept as pets.

It is a shy animal, and as a result, if a stranger comes into their territory, they may be scared of him. To earn the trust of a hedgehog you must be very patient and gentle with him.

These small animals start to become more playful as soon as they get used to you and become accustomed to being handled. Despite this, there are still a few times when one of their spikes might poke you, or their movements at night keep you awake.


The hedgehog, although it may appear small, requires good nutrition, regular veterinary care, and a habitat where it can thrive despite its small size.

The animal enclosure that you set up will also need plenty of toys and an exercise wheel to keep them from becoming bored, so make sure that you have enough time to set this up before the animals arrive.

It’s important to recognize that hedgehogs are known to carry salmonella, which is why they are not a good pet choice if you have children living in your home who are under five years old.


As with chinchillas, hedgehogs require extended playtime outside of their cages every night, which is why it is important to take them out of their cages every night for play.

You will put them in the cat at night during the rest of the exercise they will need to do. To keep their minds and bodies active, it is ideal for them to have some type of ground where they can dig or bury themselves.

How Do Chinchillas and Hedgehogs Differ?

The chinchilla and the hedgehog don’t get along or get along because they are two completely different species. There is no comparison between the two types of animals.

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You can tell just by looking at them that they are in no way related to each other and that they do not share any common roots. Chinchilla owners often opt for the long-tailed variety of chinchillas.

Besides this type, there is one other kind called the short-tailed variety, which is a very unusual variety. This is an endemic species to the Andes Mountains, which is located in South America.

I have found that the guinea pig, another rodent from South America, has a distant relationship with the chinchilla as well. Despite the cold in the Andes, Chinchillas protect themselves with thick, long fur to keep from freezing.

With large, arched ears and faces that resemble rodents, Chinchillas are adaptable to an icy climate. Hedgehogs are found all over the world, and they are part of a variety of species.

Known as the four-toed hedgehog, or African Pygmy hedgehog, the four-toed hedgehog is one of the most domesticated hedgehog species.

It is also worth noting that many other species have been domesticated, including the Egyptian long ear hedgehog, the Indian long ear hedgehog, and the Algerian hedgehog.

Can Chinchillas be kept with other animals? 

Chinchilla lanigera and Chinchilla brevicaudata are two different species of chinchilla. This is why if you have one of these Chinchillas in your house, it will be a Chinchilla lanigera, since the latter is such an extremely rare, maybe even extinct animal.

You should be careful when choosing the type of pet for them to live with, as they are social creatures and need company.

Other Chinchillas

Typically, chinchillas live as part of colonies of up to 100 other animals of their species in the wild. The fact that they are social creatures means that you must always keep them together in groups if you wish to keep them.

Keeping them alone will result in them suffering and developing abnormal behavior. It is possible to keep them together either in a group of the same sex or as a pair of males and females.

In order to prevent any unwanted new pups from being born, make sure you plan that the male will be neutered before you keep the pair.

Other Pets in Their Cage

Chinchillas have a very different set of needs than any other kind of creature, and so they shouldn’t ever be kept in a cage with another species of animal.

Regardless of their behavior under your supervision, you may be doing them a disservice if you fail to check on them regularly.

While chinchillas may exhibit behavioral incompatibility with other animals, their dust baths will likely cause respiratory problems in other small animals.

It is important to note that rabbit droppings contain bacteria that can be fatal to chinchillas, so they should never be mixed.

Other pets in the house

It is advisable not to keep predators such as dogs and cats next to chinchillas as it could lead to conflict. It is a dangerous idea to keep Chinchillas together with a dog or cat as they are prey animals.  

When the chinchillas are outdoors during the daytime, make sure that they are not approached by other animals. In the daytime, they need to be left in peace since they are nocturnal creatures.

You should not allow anything larger than your chinchilla to play with it. Despite the best intentions of the other animal, they may still harm your chinchillas when they play with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What animals do hedgehogs get along with?

It’s a good idea to monitor any interactions between your pet hedgehog and any other animal in the household, especially cats and dogs. Hedgehogs can coexist with cats and dogs, but they will not tend to make friends with them.

Additionally, if you care about the safety of both your hedgehog and other smaller exotic pets, you should keep them apart.

What’s a better pet a chinchilla or a hedgehog?

You cannot go wrong choosing either chinchillas or hedgehogs as a pet since they are both great pets. They have a long lifespan, soft fur, and can almost be kept anywhere, which makes them ideal pets. 

Hedgehogs, though smaller, may be considered a cuter pet because of their size, or you may like their unusual and exotic nature of them. Take some time to get to know both pets if you have the time.


Chinchillas and hedgehogs cannot coexist because chinchillas evolved to guard their food sources against other animals. A trait that almost all animals share is the tendency to guard their food sources.

Chinchillas have a reputation for fighting over resources such as food, water, and a living place, so it is easy to understand why they would not be interested in coexisting with hedgehogs.

A second reason for this may be that each of these species has a different temperature requirement. Also, chinchillas are social animals that enjoy interacting with each other, while hedgehogs are somewhat more reserved creatures.

Due to these differences, it’s safe to say that you cannot have chinchillas and hedgehogs living together peacefully.

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