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February 9, 2023 by Umair Shahid

You wonder if different species of dogs can keep in one house, can you do the same with rodents.  The simple truth is No! They will fight! Fight! And fight!

Chinchillas have their own lifestyle needs, and those lifestyle needs aren’t the same as those of other animals. Because of that, housing them with guinea pigs is unsafe and inappropriate for both parties.

Both chinchillas and guinea pigs are herd animals by nature and spend their lives in large groups in the wild, although the common domesticated guinea pig doesn’t live in the wild anymore and is only a domesticated animal.

Can Chinchillas and guinea pigs live together?

They both belong to rodent families so people think they can easily get along together. But the truth is they can’t.

Chinchillas and guinea pigs have different body languages, so they misinterpret each other. Generally, both species can get into conflicts easier than ever because of their different personalities.

Sadly, chinchillas and guinea pigs just aren’t compatible. And they really shouldn’t live together. If they live in the same cage, they might fight.

Or, they might eat the wrong food. To avoid these potentially harmful scenarios, make sure never to let your chinchilla and guinea pig share a cage.

But the good news is that you can own both creatures. Just make sure you place them in separate cages in different areas of your house.

So, let’s dig a little deeper and find the reasons to cage them together or not.

Nutritional Requirements:

Food! You might confuse their nutritional requirements because they both belong to the same rodent family. But the reality is Chinchillas and guinea pigs have different diets.

 Pet guinea pigs eat hay, pellets, and leafy green vegetables. Sure, most of that sounds like a chinchilla’s diet. They need a lot of fibers to survive, and they must eat a lot of hay to keep their teeth from overgrowing and causing infections. But there is one major exception. Chinchillas shouldn’t eat leafy green vegetables.

As chinchillas have very sensitive digestive systems or they can’t handle it. And if chinchillas and guinea pigs are placed in the same cage, they will likely eat each other’s food. And this could be harmful, especially for chinchillas.

Cage Size Difference:

Technically you could house a single guinea pig in a chinchilla cage due to the recommended floor space it needs, but this would be difficult and isn’t recommended.

Chinchillas love to climb so their cages have specialized vertical cage structures. So, they require around 39”x59”x51” tall. 

Their cage is usually tall and over two to three levels. This is to support their need for climbing and jumping and really doesn’t fit the needs of guinea pigs who are much more reserved in their behaviors.

Whereas the guinea pigs require a cage size of around 30”x36” at the bare minimum and this is usually either on one level or on a slightly raised two levels.

Chinchillas love to climb and often bounce off the cage on the top level, this could be quite distressing and scary to the guinea pig down below and could easily cause them to feel scared and intimidated. So, the idea of caging them together is never going right.

Social Reasons:

Though chinchillas are social and friendly animals by nature doesn’t mean they’ll get along with other species.

The same goes for guinea pigs. The bitter truth is, not only do chinchillas not work well alongside other types of animals; they don’t even usually get along with individuals of their same species.

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Chinchillas have a very unique nature they love to enjoy their own company. When caged with other animals they can be extremely fierce, often ending in violent and dangerous results. Female chinchillas are usually even more truculent than males.

There are a lot of reasons why chinchillas and guinea pigs can’t survive in the same house. For example, the guinea pigs have germs that could potentially pass to a chin.

Although both rodents have different body language and communication, these differences can lead to conflicts very easily and guinea pig and chinchilla fights can get very heated and damaging. 

So, it is recommended to place them alone to keep them healthy and safe.  You can have two pets at the same time in the same home but never place the chinchilla and the other pet in the same cage.


Chinchillas and guinea pigs are extremely popular pets. They share some similarities as they both belong to the rodent family native to South America.

Both are the little prey animals hunted by the predators. These animals have large front teeth and they need to chew in order to grind down their teeth. If not, their teeth will grow to a painful size. This can ultimately result in disease.

Unfortunately, despite their shared characteristics, they are not good companions and they don’t get along.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What animals can live with guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs are known for their social behavior but they don’t get along well with other pets. They have a unique behavior and they don’t love to live with other pets especially dogs, cats, ferrets, or rabbits. The best companion for a guinea pig is another guinea pig.

Do chinchillas get along with other pets?

You think that chinchillas are small animals and can go well with other animals too. Stop! You are wrong.

They don’t! Not only do chinchillas not work well alongside other types of animals, but they also don’t even usually get along with individuals of their same species.  It’s optimal for single chinchillas to live all by themselves, in their own personal enclosures.

Final Verdict:

So, you are thinking of becoming a proud owner of a chinchilla or guinea pig. You can! But it is recommended to have one at once in the house.

You can have both in the house if you want but never in the same cage. They have distinct personalities, habits, and needs, so you have to treat them accordingly.

Despite their cute and cuddly nature, they’re not compatible with each other, so don’t expect them to live peacefully in one house.

Some lucky owners said that their little guinea pigs and chinchillas went well together. That mostly happens when both animals are relaxed and gentle, which obviously doesn’t happen a lot.

So, don’t take risks!

Thank you for reading the article. Hopefully, after reading this article you get to know all about the chinchillas and guinea pigs’ housing together and it will be easier for you to make decisions. If you want to learn more about little chinchillas let us know in the comment section below.

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