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June 13, 2022 by Umair Shahid

Are you choosy about color? Some people only want their chinchilla without color preference. But every color has its charm. Surely the attraction of the black chinchilla is most of all. The ebony color chinchillas have options of hetro ebony, black velvet, and extra black ebony.

 The cost of all ebony color options also varies.

In this article, we will discuss all color options of ebony chinchillas furthermore, color cost variation of chinchillas one by one. The cost of chinchillas also depends on the accessories you take with your chin.

Black chinchillas are expensive and they look cool. They are extremely rare and hard to find. Due to their rare quality, they are more costly than any other color. The rarest ones have a white tip on their nose and a tip of white on one foot and jet black fur otherwise.

It also means they are hard to find.

Black Chinchillas

 If you have set your mind to raise a black chinchilla. There is a lot to know about the term “black” is a blanket term for a bunch of whole different types. It also means a bunch of all-dark shades. According to the vet, they breed different colors of chinchillas for a decade and finally got ebony color.

It is found that the black chinchilla barking like crazy, spraying if scared. But they are intelligent too.  According to the vet, the black chinchilla has a strong defense mechanism.

Different types of ebony color Chinchillas

  • Hetro Ebony chinchillas
  •  Black velvet chinchillas
  • Touch of velvet chinchillas 
  • Extra dark ebony chinchillas

 That is not all the list, there are some other colors in the category of black like gunning black.

Now let’s start to have a closer look at all one by one. So that you have a clear idea about which black option you take. 

Hetro Ebony Chinchillas:

Ebony is a standard chinchilla with a combination of the ebony gene. They can be distinguished by the belly which is not white. The common term used are hetro and homo. A hetro ebony chinchilla looks like a black chinchilla.

It has black fur at an early age but is slightly different from other types of black chinchillas. 

A hetro ebony chinchillas have a combination of black hair with some grey. It is typically for those who have the upper body completely black and the stomach area grey. The color of the hetro black chinchillas looks almost like a dark blue or black. 

Black velvet chinchillas

Black velvets are grey chinchillas with the touch of velvet gene. Sometimes they are born with a little black around the nose and sometimes they are completely black. It may take time of two years to become completely black. 

According to the vet, this type of chinchilla has a completely black upper and lighter fur on the sides and stomach. In addition, black chinchillas also have black stripes on their paws, and their fur has a velvet look. 

This type of chinchilla is black that is often referred to as the black chinchillas or the “gunning black chinchilla”

If you want to adopt the deepest black chinchilla with a velvet touch you can choose this type of chinchilla. When you want to take pictures of this type it gives different shiny poses.  

It is one of the most unique and beautiful options you can choose. I love all chinchillas and it looks beautiful in all colors.  

Touch of velvet Chinchilla

These Chinchillas have the touch of velvet, or TOV, gene, which gives them soft look and feels. They can be black or charcoal, but it can take a couple of years to develop completely black. Their bellies should be pure white, as should their jawline. Their ears may be as dark as their bodies. Their bellies may be grey or silver.

In some cases a different texture to the fur. Bellies and the underside of the jaw should be pure white and there should be no break in the veil. A break in the veil at the neck is called a halo. Black velvet almost develops its color in 5 months. They look pretty with a spectacular bright white belly.

Extra Black ebony Chinchillas

 In the end, we discuss the extra black ebony color, Which is another outstanding color and mutation for a chinchilla. According to the vet, other breeders call the black chinchilla a “homo ebony”.

The extra dark ebony chinchilla has black hair and black, or deep black whiskers. Its skin has a solid shiny color which makes it more attractive.

For an extra black ebony chinchilla to be born, both parents must carry a homozygous gene when they breed.

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Overall, the unique color makes the chinchilla a rare animal. This is the best option to adopt a chinchilla of dark black ebony color.

Now we will discuss the cost of different shades of black chinchilla according to the quality of the breed.

Cost of black Chinchillas

 Now you know about the variety of black chinchillas. You must be curious about how much the chinchilla cost generally.

 I will give you the estimated figure of the cost according to the data I collected ever. Furthermore, pricing always bounces around the breeding times, your location supply, and your demand.

If your demand is extra black ebony chinchilla then you must expect 5-times high prices.

Here we discuss what price should we expect. When we want to keep a chinchilla as a pet from the ebony type of color chinchilla.

In general, a chinchilla costs between $75USD and $125 for standard colors, and between $125 and $250USD for mutation colors. They are expensive for special and rare colors. Very rare chinchilla breeds can reach several thousands of dollars.

Cost of Hetro Ebony chinchillas.

Adult chinchillas from rescue or breeder: $100.00

Baby chinchillas /pedigreed:$200.00 to $250.00

Cost of Black velvet chinchillas

Adult chinchillas from rescue or breeder: $150.00

Baby chinchillas /pedigreed:$200.00 to $250.00

Touch of velvet chinchillas 

Adult chinchillas from rescue or breeder: $100.00

Baby chinchillas /pedigreed:$150.00 to $200.00

  • Extra dark ebony chinchillas
  • Adult chinchillas from rescue or breeder: $100.00
  • Baby chinchillas /pedigreed:$200.00 to $250.00

Again, do not necessarily take these prices and run with them, because it always depends on the breeders. They will charge more for any of the black chinchilla mutations.

But we are giving you a solid starting point to give an idea of what price you may be looking at. Furthermore, their awesome color is a solid point of good price.

To be very honest in the ebony black color chinchilla dark grey is the most attractive and best option for adoption.


Qno.1:How can we commonly find Perfectly black chinchilla?

Answer: Black chinchillas especially dark black chinchilla is rare. So keep the search on google and try to contact breeders. Some of the breeders have a good collection of colors. They frequently uploaded pictures of ebony color chinchillas. You can select your favorite chinchilla.

QNO.2: How much do chinchillas cost normally? Also, should I get one or a pair?

Answer: Consider adoption. It’s significantly cheaper, and so many chinchillas need a loving home. On average you can buy it in$200. Some of the breeders may charge up to $600 depending on the type of chin. They are not as cheap as other pets. Two is good but if you don’t want chinchillas babies then buy of the same sex.

QNO.3: Is there any special ability of Black chinchillas?

Answer: It is found that the black chinchilla is crazy-natured, spraying if scared. According to the vet, the black chinchilla has a strong defense mechanism. In some of the observations, it is found they are weak vision.


In this article, we discussed the term black chinchilla as I already explain the term black is for a blanket which means all dark shades. As we discuss black velvet, hetro ebony, extra dark ebony, and a touch of velvet ebony chinchillas.

 Hetro ebony normally looks like a black chinchilla, it has a combination of black with grey hairs.

Black velvet chinchillas also have black stripes on their paws. And their fur has a velvet appearance.

For an extra dark black chinchilla need to breed both parents must carry the ebony gene.  

Overall black ebony color option is best of all for someone looking for rare adoption of chinchilla. I tried my best to discuss in detail all the possible shades of black chinchilla.

 I also tried my best to clear the cost of each type of ebony chinchilla. But as I already discuss the real state of price is depending on the quality of breed, choice of color, and your location where you belong. I give you the expected and starting price that make your mind to buy.  

Don’t worry too much about finding a black chin.

 They can be harder to find and the truth is all chinchillas make for excellent pets. I wish you the best of luck with your new ebony chin and the days you have ahead of you.

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