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January 8, 2024 by Umair Shahid

Sugar gliders, cute possums originating from Australia and parts of Indonesia, have gained popularity as delightful pets among those who fancy exotic companions. However, their legal status across Australian states has become a hot topic, sparking passionate discussions.

 In Victoria, South Australia, and the Northern Territory, it’s permissible to keep sugar gliders as pets. Conversely, Western Australia, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, and Tasmania prohibit their ownership. 

The reasons behind these restrictions vary, including concerns about conservation and the environment, fueling a heated debate on whether sugar gliders should be legalized as pets. This ongoing dialogue has piqued public interest, leading to petitions advocating for the permission of sugar gliders as pets in Australia. 

The question of their legality continues to stir conversations and advocacy efforts, showcasing the widespread fascination and care for these charming creatures.

Are Sugar Gliders Allowed in Australia

Legal Status in Different Australian States

The question of whether sugar gliders should be allowed as pets in Australia is a lively topic that captures a lot of attention and discussions. These adorable marsupials, loved for their friendly behavior, can be kept as pets in Victoria, South Australia, and the Northern Territory. On the flip side, in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, and Tasmania, having sugar gliders as pets is a no-go. 

The rules and permits needed to own sugar gliders differ from one state to another, reflecting the various opinions on whether they make good household buddies. This diversity in rules has sparked public talks and petitions, with some pushing for sugar gliders to be legal pets in all Australian states. The ongoing conversation highlights the strong interest and curiosity surrounding the idea of having sugar gliders as companions in Australia.

Reasons for Restrictions In Some States

The rules about having sugar gliders as pets in specific parts of Australia are mainly based on laws to protect nature and worries about how it might affect the local environment. In Australia, sugar gliders are seen as special, and there are laws at national, state, and local levels, like the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) and the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974, that look after them. 

These laws are there to keep the homes and populations of sugar gliders safe, especially because they need tree hollows for their nests and to have babies. Some groups that work to protect wildlife are concerned about the possible harm, like neglect, cruelty, or leaving them alone, that sugar gliders might face when kept as pets. 

A few people argue that allowing sugar gliders as pets could help reduce the number of cats and dogs, which can be a danger to native marsupials. All these factors are making the rules about having sugar gliders as pets different in various parts of Australia. It shows how people are still debating whether it’s a good idea to keep them as pets and what impact it might have.

Public Opinion and Petitions

The push to make sugar gliders legal pets in Australia is quite clear, as seen in several petitions supporting their legalization. One petition on, for example, argues for letting Australians legally own sugar gliders. It points out that sugar gliders are native animals, and having them as pets could bring some advantages. 

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This petition contrasts them with other species that were brought in, saying that sugar gliders are easy to take care of, affordable, and won’t harm the environment. Similarly, another petition questions why the rules about having sugar gliders as pets are different in various Australian states and pushes for legalization in Western Australia.

Moreover, a petition emphasizes the importance of having permits and knowing how to take care of sugar gliders properly. It argues that compared to non-native animals, sugar gliders pose less risk to the environment. 

However, there are also worries about the illegal trade of sugar gliders as pets. A petition is urging the United States to ban their sale as pets, expressing concerns about how this trade affects their natural homes and the risks involved.

The arguments supporting the legalization of sugar gliders as pets in Australia often focus on them being native animals, easy to care for, and possibly reducing the number of non-native pets. 

Supporters believe that since sugar gliders are originally from Australia, they won’t harm the environment like other introduced species might. They also stress the popularity of sugar gliders as pets and the fact that they’re already allowed in some Australian states.

However, those against the idea raise concerns about the potential impact of legalizing sugar gliders as pets in their natural homes, the risk of neglect and abandonment, and the overall welfare of these animals in captivity. 

They argue for prioritizing the protection of native wildlife and worry about the consequences of introducing sugar gliders into new environments. The ongoing debate on whether to legalize sugar gliders as pets in Australia reflects the many factors and discussions surrounding this complex issue.


The rules about having sugar gliders as pets in Australia are different in each state. In Victoria, South Australia, and the Northern Territory, it’s allowed, but there are specific rules and licenses to follow. On the flip side, in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, and Tasmania, keeping sugar gliders as pets is a no-go. 

This difference has led to ongoing discussions and public interest, shown through various petitions supporting the idea of making sugar gliders legal pets in Australia. These petitions highlight how the rules for sugar gliders differ in each state and talk about the perks of having them as pets, like being native animals and easy to care for. 

The public’s interest in making sugar gliders legal as pets shows how much people care about these lovable creatures, making the debate about their legal status in Australia quite complex.

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