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Are guinea pigs nocturnal? This is a question many owners of small rodents ask. Guinea pigs are social animals that often live in groups and rely on human companions. Their sweet disposition and small size make them popular pets, but many people do not realize how they sleep.

Are Guinea Pigs Nocturnal?

Scientists believe that guinea pigs are not nocturnal, but crepuscular. They are active at dawn and dusk and take short naps during the day and night. Due to their irregular sleep cycle, they tend to take short naps rather than sleep for extended periods.

Guinea Pigs tend to take short naps throughout the day, especially if no one notices them. Nevertheless, if you enter the room and begin to look around, they will soon perk up and begin to play.

In this article, I will explore whether guinea pigs are nocturnal or not and what this means for pet owners.

Guinea pigs exhibit a mixture of nocturnal and diurnal behavior. Their sleep is short during the day and at night. Many small mammals exhibit this behavior. Think about it for a moment.

 Small wild mammals, which go to sleep for long periods at night or during the day, pose a particular threat to predators. However, they can get the rest they need by sleeping briefly throughout the day and night.

 Pet guinea pigs do not lose their wild guinea pig habits just because they are kept in homes. So, owners should not be surprised if their guinea pig is digging, eating, and playing in its cage at night.

 What Is The Guinea Pig Sleeping Schedule?

The wild guinea pig sleeps even more than its domestic counterpart. At night, wild guinea pigs venture out of their burrows to find food during their hours of activity. They camouflage themselves from predators by coming out at night from their safe burrows.

In the daytime, wild guinea pigs awake from their beauty sleep. For guinea pigs, dawn, dusk, and night are the best times to be outside.

On the other hand, a domesticated guinea pig adjusts its sleep pattern to match that of its owner.

When you are at home, these social animals would like to play with you and be social with you. When there is no stimulus around, they are more likely to rest and nap.

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How To Help Your Guinea Pig Get Good Sleep

 To ensure your guinea pig is getting good rest, provide a safe and comfortable environment for them to sleep in. This should be a space that is free from noise and drafts and is away from any potential predators or dangers.

 Make sure the area has plenty of clean, soft bedding such as hay or straw, and include some hiding places for your guinea pig to feel secure and relaxed.

 Additionally, set up an area with some toys, chew sticks, or other activities to keep your guinea pig occupied during the day while they are awake. By following these steps, you can help your guinea pig get the best possible rest.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How long do guinea pigs sleep at night?

There is no definite answer to this question, but one thing is for sure that guinea pigs do not sleep for a long period. They usually take short naps of 30 minutes as a precautionary measure. In total these short naps are of 4-6 hours.

Should I leave a light on for my guinea pig at night?

Guinea pigs won’t be scared in the dark! So there is no need to leave the light on for guinea pigs at night.

If you allow your Guinea Pigs to behave in ways that make them feel comfortable and safe, they will love and trust you even more. This will result in happier and healthier piggies!


The Guinea pig is not nocturnal and spends most of the night awake. Crepuscular in nature, it seeks attention from its family members at dusk and dawn.

However, thanks to its style of short naps, no matter what your schedule is, you can enjoy your pet.

In most cases, you should only be concerned if the pet’s sleeping habits suddenly change. Take it to the vet if you can’t figure out what is causing the problem in your home.


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